Top 8 Coolest Summer Hairstyles For Men in 2017. . .

Summer is here and men are back to keeping medium length hairstyles. As of 2017, the summer hair styles are all about keeping a neat look and looking sharp.

Messy textured hair was in trend till 2016 but this year is all about keeping short and cool hairstyles. Off course, these will keep you off the summer heat as well besides making you look dapper. So here are the coolest summer hairstyles for 2017 to take inspirations from –

  1. High skin fade with side swept hair
    This will work best with the bearded look. It will instantly give you a cool look.
  1. Short side part hairstyle
    Nothing says calm and collected like this hairstyle look best suited for men with a strong jawbone.
  1. Short sides with brushed up top
    The retro hairstyles have made a comeback and this one helps you to re-create that look perfectly.
  1. Textured spikes
    Some hairstyles remain evergreen and always in trend. This is one of those hairstyles. The best thing is that it will suit any face shape.
  1. Matte pump with high-low fade
    This hairstyle combines two fades in one, unlike those with one fade. The side of the head stands out enough to get noticed in this look.
  1. Side part for wavy hair
    Nothing says casual and neat than this long hair style. The side part imparts perfect professional look on the go.
  1. Slicked back
    This one is perfect for tough guys with bearded looks who want to look sharp combined with summer suits and jackets collection. This is a recreation of the modern glamorous man with the beard and short hair.
  1. Natural side swept hairstyle for thick hair
    If you have thick hair and can’t really keep spikes, then this one belongs to you.



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