8 Reasons That Prove You Are Lucky If You Have An Elder Sister. . .

You might not realize what having an elder sister means when you are young but as you grow up, you know that she is indeed a blessing. She is your constant guide, inspiration and role model. In fact, she is your best friend for life.


No matter what, you will always cherish the special bond with her. An elder sister is a blessing in disguise and there is no denying of this fact. If you think that’s not enough, check out other reasons that prove you are blessed to have an elder sister in your life –

  1. She is your guardian angel
    She will protect you like a dad and comfort you like a cool mom. In short, she is your guardian angel, always making sure that you are safe at school and elsewhere.
  1. You know she will always have your back
    No matter what, she is someone you can count on. She will never let you have a hard time. Knowing that she is having your back will ease a lot of tension from your mind.
  1. You can always count on her if your parents are mad
    Parents mad at you still want the car keys? Well, no problem! Your elder sis will do it for you. There is nothing that she can’t brainwash your parents into.
  1. She is your best shopping partner
    Shopping means decisions, so many at times. Guess what, you are sorted pretty much! You got the best shopping partner ever. She will always give honest reviews about clothes and stuff unlike some of your friends.
  1. You can always trust her to keep a secret
    Shhhh! She will guard a secret with life, unlike those brothers who can’t keep a thing in their stomach.
  1. She is the one who knows how to make you smile again
    If you are depressed, she will always make you smile again. She happens to know all your favorite things and foods so she will pamper you to make you feel great again.
  1. She is your partner in crime
    Since childhood, she is your partner in crime in everything whether it is covering you up for coming late night or boyfriend problems.
  1. She is your go-to person for second opinions
    We all know how confusing cosmetics shopping can be. Since your elder sis has done it all before you, you can always count on her for second opinions and she will never lead you astray.

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