7 Reasons Why Relationships These Days Are Short Lived. . .

Some say this generation no longer has the ability to stay in a particular relationship for long

Dating, one-night stands, live-in relationships and such are said to be a replacement of love. It has been highly noticed that love these days falls apart because of very idiotic reasons and inability to compromise. Some label it as “Western Style of Relationships”. Parents fear that their ability to compromise and make their love work even if it hurts is slowly fading and that for today’s Generation Y relationship is not a priority. Here are few reasons why relationships today are short lived:

  1. Fear of Commitment
    This is supposedly the most important and most common reason behind short-lived relationships. Commitment issues are found in most of the individuals, the fear of being with a “single person”, being answerable to someone and the fear of labeling that relationship makes people back-out very quickly.
  2. Having expectations
    One valuable advice that we always get from our elders is not to have much expectations from a relationship. However that is hard to implement. We expect our relationship to be like the one shown in a mushy movie or Mills & Boons type. We compare our relationship with the one a close friend is into. All this only leads to complications.
  3. Dominance and Jealousy
    People often complaint that they “loose themselves” after being in a relationship. Be it a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, an engagement or marriage, this is very commonly heard. Jealousy, snooping on partner’s activities, not having enough trust, having frequent complaints, accusations etc. makes a relationship short-lived.
  4. Not giving enough time
    A very common reason as to why a relationship failed is that the partner did not give enough time in that relationship. Sometimes all that is required to solve this particular issue is patience and understanding each other. However sometimes and in some cases, a 10-minutes phone call has been enough to get a relationship going.
  5. Not meeting enough
    Not meeting enough can mean having a long distance relationship or also not managing to meet enough when in same city. Taking out sometime to meet even if it is for half an hour does make a lot of difference in a relationship. However with facilities like Skype and FaceTime long distance relationships are suffering less than before.
  6. Different life goals
    We all have heard enough of “we wanted different things from life”. This surely is a major conflict creator which often leads to one of the partners compromising something or the other. However, not everyone is ready to compromise a life goal or a dream thus leading to breaking up a relationship.
  7. Finding giving up more easy than compromising
    It is a given that a relationship consists of some rifts, some ups & downs and a lot of time and effort. There are going to be some difficult times but giving up then instead of working on it does seem easier to some.

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