10 Signs That Prove You Have Been Friends For Too Long. . .

BFF or soulmate or Bae… or maybe all of them, there are only a few who would get these tags.

You maybe having a number of groups but there are just a few who you have probably known since forever. Those friends would in most cases be very few but very special. Actually, more than special. You have been with each other through thick and thin and would remain so. You have reached a phase called forever and here are few signs that would actually prove that:

  1. You have got too many “Remember when” stories
    Talk about anything under the moon and you would have a story related to that. You have literally been through everything together and seen everything together.
  2. Your friend’s room feels just as homely as your room
    You spend half of your time there. You know your friend’s room as well as you know yours own. Heck, you have had so many stay overs there that probably few of your things would be lying around in your friends room.
  3. Nothing is embarrassing or awkward with them
    You know each other in and out. You probably know your friend better than you know yourself. There is nothing left to be embarrassed around them.
  4. Fights with them doesn’t matter at all
    You may argue with them, may end up in a fight that makes you say “I am never talking to you again” and yet the very next moment you would be planning to go for a movie. Fights with them are totally irrelevant.
  5. Anything that takes place you just have to tell them
    That’s what best friends are for- sharing everything. You see anything weird, you see anything funny or anything worth gossiping, you just have to tell your friend about it. You narrate everything to your friend and if you haven’t done that, the day seems incomplete.
  6. You understand each other’s signals clearly
    Whether it is eye moments or a nod, you understand each other’s tiniest of non-verbal signals. You can pull off entire conversation this way. You know each other that well.
  7. You know every single person in your friend’s life
    It doesn’t matter whether you have met that person or not, you just know them. They don’t feel like strangers because you know everything about them. That’s how transparent you are with each other.
  8. You don’t have any awkward silences
    You may spend hours not talking with each other but nothing seems awkward about that. Sometimes you feel content just being with your friend.
  9. Distance or time doesn’t part you
    You maybe meeting your friend after months or sometimes after a year but it doesn’t seem like anything has changed. They always remain that “Same, old friend” for you.
  10. Whoever your friend hates, you hate them too
    Because that’s how it works. Your friend hates them for a reason or may be not, but that doesn’t matter.

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