Here are 9 New Year’s Resolutions That We All Failed To Follow This Year. . .

Remember we all made some resolutions in 2016 thinking that we are going to fulfill all those in 2017? Well, we are four months down already and many of us have already forgotten that we ever made a resolution. This is what we always do. Make resolutions and break them as soon as the year starts while promising ourselves that ‘I’ll definitely fulfill this next year‘ but that never happens as you tend to break the rules. Are you one of those people who made some resolutions in 2016 but didn’t fulfill them yet? Then read below and check which resolution did you make only to break it.

  1. I’ll definitely go to the gym every day. The 5 km run early in the morning is a must.
    Argh.. Can’t wake up early in the morning but will go to gym one day I swear.
  2. More green stuff and less carbs/fat. This is how I will become healthier in the coming year.
    But french fries are healthier too. No? I guess having them twice or thrice in a week won’t make me fat.
  3. Ok, I am addicted to social media, Netflix and my mobile phone. Now it’s time that I should quit them all.
    Oh god, too many notifications. Let’s see whats going on facebook.
  4. Cooking, driving, designing, photography; there are many skills to learn this year. I’ll absolutely go for one.
    What? Did I really mean that?
  5. I’m definitely going to find a life partner in coming year. Life has become too boring now.
    I guess I’m better alone. No?
  6. I’ll try to become a better and mature person. I’ll meet more people and judge less.
    Yeah I’ll try my best but look at her clothes lol.
  7. 2017 is the year of saving. I’ll save money for my travelling, new gadgets and clothes. But..
    I can do this next year for sure.
  8. I’ll stress less and learn to control how to react to certain things in my life.
    And here’s how you end up!
  9. No smoking this year as it’s injurious to health.
    Ok I have to quit it but slowly. It can take me an year or two.
  10. I’ll watch lesser movies and will go to sleep on time and wake up early.
    What was I thinking when I made this resolution?
  11. I’m going to apply for a top ranked university abroad.
    Ok I was talking about next year not this one.

Is there any resolution left which you didn’t fulfill yet? Don’t lose hope as there are still 8 months to go. Let’s not waste time and follow our resolutions which we made in 2016.


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