7 Annoying Things That Indian Moms Do But We Love Them For That. . .

How many times have we exclaimed “Mom, Please!” in exasperation and yet later on gave her a sweet smile

We love our parents to moon and back. However sometimes everyone would have felt that growing up, you have been told to do a number of things that you might have found weird. However no matter how much we dislike their certain doings, a day without them is difficult especially when it comes to Mom. Here are few annoying things that every Indian mom must have done or said at least once:

  1. Comparing marks with every relative’s child
    Your marks would be compared with every relative’s child, with every neighbor’s child and this would never stop. Even when you grow up, the comparison would be about which college to be enrolled in, about marriage and so on. “Sharmajika beta” is commonly heard in every household.
  2. Not giving permission very easily
    Your mother would never ever give permissions to certain stuff easily. She would either give you certain tasks to complete before she gives the permission or she would ask you to go to Papa.
  3. Commenting on clothes worn
    It is very frequently heard, “Ye kya halat bana rakhi hai apni!” and “Ye kya pehenke rakha hai!” If it is a girl it would be more on the lines of wearing something appropriate or it is too short while for a boy it would be on the lines of “Don’t you have something better to wear. This one is not ironed.”
  4. Cleaning up the room
    This one is probably heard twice a day. No mother would give up on this. She’s probably asking you to clean up your room since years. And if it is not the room, it would be the cupboard. Even after you have cleared up the mess, she would find 2-3 items out of place.
  5. Pestering about “Settling down”
    You are done with the degree, you find a good job and then comes the most important of them all- Marriage! Indian mothers would not drop this topic unless she gets you married. Nope, this one is not to be taken lightly.
  6. Scolding about being on phone for too long
    This follows a string of questions- Who are you chatting with, what are you talking about, why did you have to talk for so long, don’t you have anything better to do, doesn’t she have anything better to do and so on.
  7. Making a fuss about meals
    For your mom, you are never too old to not make a fuss about your meals. “Beta, khana khaya?Kya khaya?Kitna khaya?Itna kam kyu khaya?Aur khaona, thoda aur” never stops.

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