8 Annoying Things That Non-Vegetarians Frequently Say To Vegetarians. . .

In India, being a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian is not easy. People just have to comment on your choice of food.

We are surely used to people commenting on what your food choices are, but when it comes to Vegetarian food and Non-Vegetarian food, the debate has been on since years and would probably go on forever. Each has its pros & cons and it eventually comes down to each one’s own choices. However when you are being treated like having vegetarian food is like having some kind of silly vegetables, you can’t help but feel annoyed. Hence, if you are a vegetarian stuck amongst a group of non-vegetarians, here are few things that you have probably heard loads of times:

  1. Oh, you mean you don’t eat non-veg food?
    No, being a vegetarian comes down to that. Do you mind?
  2. You haven’t even tasted non-veg till date?
    No, I haven’t and don’t want to. Thank you very much.
  3. You must be lacking the necessary proteins.
    And you seem to be lacking the necessary brains.
  4. We will add some chicken in your food when you are not looking.
    You do that and I might just empty the entire dish over your thick head.
  5. Nobody from your family eats non-veg or is it just you?
    No, we are together in this and will stick till the very end.
  6. What will you do when you go abroad?
    I will survive by eating leaves. Don’t you worry!
  7. So, you don’t even eat eggs? They can be classified as part-vegetarian.
    Why don’t you stop speaking for once and stop proving that you are stupid.
  8. Your paneer is equivalent to our chicken.
    Ugh wait, from where did that come from!

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