Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations around the World. . .

Whether you like to spend a good time in various far-flung and exotic locales of Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Marrakesh or in beautiful beaches as well as budget-friendly spots, you will expect to get valuable pieces of information on every type of place, where you may experience a romantic honeymoon. In this article, we have listed a few such popular destinations to bring a big smile and tons of excitements among newly married couples.

  1. Paris in France
    Experienced tourists guides and romantic couples perceive the city of Paris in France as synonymous with love and romance. The reason for this is that the city has an ultimate combination of unique architecture, mouth-watering foods, and exclusive artworks, all of which make Paris special not only in France but also in other countries worldwide.
    Eiffel Tower, Louvre, and Musée d’Orsay are few famous places, where you would be able to view in Paris while enjoying your honeymoon tour. In addition, you and your partner will get the opportunity to tie ribbons on the famous Pont des Art Bridge to symbolize the committed love towards one another.
  2. Bora Bora in French Polynesia
    Bora Bora island of French Polynesia acts as the ultimate honeymoon destination across the world. The entire island gives countless scenic beauties in the form of picturesque mountains, crystal-clear water bodies and coral reef that swirls with various colorful fishes.
    Both World Report and US News voted it as the best island in the world. This beach gives an excellent opportunity of chartering a helicopter to get excellent views by towering across the famous Mount Otemanu and later on, moving on to the neighboring island to experience a tour of vanilla bean farm and a black pearl.
  3. Bali in Indonesia
    Newly married couples may opt to go for honeymoon tour in the Bali in Indonesia. For many years, Bali is known with the nickname Isle of the Gods. In fact, the island has always remained the top-class preferable spot for romance seekers. Beautiful mountain vistas, temples in mist-shrouded forms and vivid artworks, as well as scenes, are the major enticements of the place available for worldwide tourists.
    Couples may perform large numbers of exciting activities after reaching Bali in Indonesia. Especially, they may plan for a trip to the famous temple named Pura Luhur Uluwatu located at the top portion of the clip rising about 200 feet from the Indian Ocean. The place is famous for providing unforgettable views of the sunset across the world. In addition, you may stay on the island to be the part of mesmerizing Kecak dance performance goes on during the night time.
  4. Sonoma in California
    Whether you are a food lover, passionate to taste top-class wines or fond of viewing scenic beauties, you will find everything you want to enjoy on your honeymoon by reaching Sonoma of California. For many years, the place has remained famous for providing excellent wines and beverages, delicious dishes and unsurpassed scenic beauties.
  5. Venice in Italy
    Last, but not the least, you and your marital partner may opt to visit the Venice in Italy, which has remained a favorite location to enjoy honeymoon for newlyweds. Especially, the romantic honeymoon spot allows you to experience a gondola ride, passing from the Grand Canal while sailing various historical buildings of the past.

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