7 Times Ranveer Singh Surprised Us With His Style. . .

Ranveer Singh’s fashion sense is just out of the box, the man has got hell lot of confidence to pull of his quirky outfits. He flaunts all the crazy clothes with so much ease and I-don’t-give-a-damn attitude that we can’t help but give him all the attention he seeks. Not everyone can wear baggy pants, prints and skirts with the same sass as Ranveer. So, don’t try to copy Ranveer’s fashion until and unless you are not Ranveer Singh because there is only one Ranveer Singh who can pull off anything with style. Take a look at some of his crazy outfits:

  1. A flower print Bandhgala, black pointed shoes with a pair of weird spectacles, that’s only ranveer’s cup of tea!
  2. Haters gonna hate and Ranveer has a reply for them…
  3. Ranveer has an unconditional love with prints…
  4. And with prints on prints….
  5. Forget about kids, boys and legends, there is a new category now and that’s Ranveer Singh!
  6. No other can pull of this patterned suit the way Ranveer does! Any doubts?
  7. Ranveer wears coolest clothes in public and c’mon you gotta give extra marks to him for this.

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