11 Signs You Are A Basic Bitch. . .

So most of your shopping haul are from Forever 21 and you still can’t over the trends of 2016 like Pumpkin spices latte or glitter. Well, you belong to the basic bitch squad. Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong in it.popsugar.comIt is just some people don’t enjoy the things that you do and that’s perfectly ok. You don’t need to impress always of course! So here are 10 signs that tell that you belong to basic bitch club –

  1. You want your eyeliner wings so sharp that it looks like it can kill a man. newlovetimes.com
  2. You love using abbreviates every now and then. glamourmagazine.co.uk
  3. You are a regular at Forever 21. Basically, it’s your favorite since you were 21. sheknows.com
  4. You never want to get rid of Uggs. buzzfeed.com
  5. You cry every time you watch romantic flicks like Notebook. fun107.com
  6. You can relate to Twilight when it comes to love. pinterest.com
  7. You secretly love Taylor Swift’s songs. collegecandy.com
  8. You are still searching for a perfect tattoo on Pinterest. pinterest
  9. On Instagram, you hashtag every other word. glamourmagazine.co.uk
  10. You can’t send a text without adding an emoji. hercampus.com
  11. You don’t post a picture on Instagram until you have tested every filter. hercampus.com

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