What Your Crush Wants (According To Their Sun Sign). . .

Are you in love? But you are not able to tell this to him/her. Of course, it is not easy to decode your lover but then it’s not really cool to make a wrong move.


This is where astrology comes to the rescue. Sun signs, particularly, tell a lot about people’s personalities, choices and how they will behave in love. So without further ado, let’s dive into what your crush wants and if he really likes you back, according to their Sun Sign –

  1. Aries
    Aries is a strong sign and people under this sign are usually adventure seekers. If you have a crush on Aries and they like you back, it won’t be hard to figure out as they are vocal about their feelings.
  1. Taurus
    Taureans love to please and reciprocate their feelings about their loved ones. If a Taurus person likes you, he/she will be little possessive about you not spending enough time with them.
  1. Gemini
    Full disclosure here! They will continuously stalk you and will even flirt back. So it won’t be hard to tell if they are interested.
  1. Cancer
    Cancerians will be sweeter than honey if they like you. If they are into deep conversations with you, then it is a positive sign.
  1. Leo
    If they like you, they won’t stop showing it off. They are proud people but when in love, they love to surprise you with gifts, compliments or surprise meetings.
  1. Virgo
    Virgos will go out of their way to help if they are into you. They are practical lovers and love making things efficient for you. They are extremely romantic though they won’t show it up easily.
  1. Libra
    Librans will not be direct in telling how they feel but they will be around you 24/7 to shower their affection.
  1. Scorpio
    They will stalk you, gather every info about you to know what you were and what you are up to. They are curious and love to indulge in deep conversations with you till 2 am.
  1. Sagittarius
    They will flirt back if they pick up a flirty vibe from you. Most likely, they will tell you on your face if they are into you.
  1. Capricorn
    When a Capricorn is into you, he will loosen himself up, be more fun, give the best advice and impress you however they can. They might get boastful about the places they visited and stuff they did, but it’s just to get you.
  1. Aquarius
    They are tough nuts to crack but if you can keep them up interested into you for a day, chances are they are interested in you as well.
  1. Pisces
    They will make a lot of direct eye contacts with you imagining a future together when they are in love.

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