6 Movies Banned In India. . .

Bollywood has been very famous for its type of movies and is also producing the largest number of movies in a year. Although, there is a type of category which we are not known of i.e. the category of banned movies, which are kept away from us by the censor board due to some of the issues, but these movies do touch some of the serious issues of the country.
Some of these banned movies are listed below

  1. The Pink Mirror

    A movie named the Pink mirror was banned by the Censor Board of India as according to them the film showed a lot of vulgarity which was not acceptable to them at all. Well, the movie was all about trans-sexuality, the story was basically about two transsexuals and a gay teenager who seduced a straight man. The movie touched a sensitive gender and was banned by the censor board.
  2. Bandit Queen
    Bandit queen was a movie based on the life of a famous dacoit named Phoolan Devi. The movie was produced in 1994 and was criticized by Phoolan Devi herself for not being authentic and involving episodes of her life which actually didn’t happen. The censor board also banned this movie as it involved a lot of nudity, abusive language, and sexual content.
  3. Kama Sutra- A Tale Of Love

    Kama sutra movie was too much for the censor board and made them laugh that how could producers and directors actually think about making such movie and getting it approved by the censor board. The movie depicted lives of 4 lovers living in the 16th century in India. Also, the movie involved some of the homosexuality scenes also, and hence the movie was banned altogether.
  4. Fire

    Some movies raised sensitive issues and faced disapproval by the censor board and one such movie was FIRE produced in 1996. The movie was about a lesbian relationship between two sister-in-laws of a Hindu family named Sita and Radha. One reason to ban the movie was obviously that they depicted lesbian relationship but the censor board also questioned over the names of the characters.
  5. Water

    Another controversial movie by Deepa Mehta was ‘Water’, produced in the year 2005. It depicted the life of Indian Widows in rural regions of India. The movie faced a lot of criticism and faced a lot of problem during production. Some of its sets were also attacked and destroyed by protestors while shooting in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. Such movies raised some serious issues which are actually happening in the parts of the country and are banned due to protestors and Censor Board.
  6. Parzania

    The movie was particularly banned in the Gujarat state of India as it involved Gujarat riots which happened in the year 2002. The movie was about the boy named Azhar who went missing during the Gujarat Riots in the year 2002.The movie got released in other parts of the country but faced political issues and was banned in Gujarat.

These were some of the movies which faced issues in being released and being approved by the Censor board of India. While they actually deserved to be released but still these movies faced a lot of criticism. The list of banned movies in India goes on and on.


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