6 Easy And Quick Hairstyles To Go For When You Have A Busy Morning. . .

Who said a perfect hairstyle takes a lot of time. There are certain hairstyles that can be perfected in within 5 minutes.

There are so many mornings when you wake up and realize that if you don’t rush, you will be extremely late. You have almost zero time to get ready and hence basically no time to give to your hair. However just because you are late it doesn’t mean that you have to rush out looking like someone who doesn’t care about her looks. So whether you have long hair, short hair or mid-length hair, you will find that there is a style for you which can be achieved within 5 minutes. Here are few such styles:

  1. Twisted Ponytail
    Very funky looking, this style can be worn to workplace as well as for a casual gathering or a party. Divide your ponytail into two and twist one section around the other. However be careful to twist it in such a way that it doesn’t come loose. The same can be done for a braid too.
  2. The Modern Messy Bun
    This hairstyle will give you a very classy look. There are plenty of ways in which this bun can be achieved. However when in rush, go for the one that is formed with the help of a hair donut and let some hairs loose around your face and at the nape of your neck.
  3. Light Curls
    Yes, achieving curls can take up plenty of time but when in rush, opt for light curls. This can be done by taking a tight and high pony, splitting them in half and curling each half for approximate 10-15 seconds. Let your ponytail lose.
  4. The Mega Volume Double Ponytail
    If you have long and voluminous hair, this is the style for you. Create a half-up and half-down ponytail and let some hair loose beneath your hair. Using comb, create fullness amongst the hair in upper ponytail and spread it out. This would be a perfect hairstyle for workplace or simple hangouts.
  5. The Tease and Tie Look
    A simple two step hairdo which would make you look classy yet simple, sophisticated yet casual. All you have to do is pull out a little strand of hair from one side and twist it finely away from your face. Secure this strand with a pin or two whichever necessary.
  6. The Single Twist look
    This again is a perfect look for every occasion whether it is office look, a casual look or a party look. A very simple hairstyle to achieve, all this needs is taking a strand of hair from left and pinning it to the right and taking a strand of hair from right and pinning it to the left. Thus one strand of hair will overlap the other. Pin it in such a way that it doesn’t get loose.

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