11 Things That Have Been Replaced By Smartphones. . .

It is amazing how a single device has managed to replace so many other gadgets and items

As Albert Einstein once said, “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The World will have a generation of idiots.” That’s exactly what smartphones are doing. Smartphones have played a great role in revolutionizing the way technology was being used and every single year brings in something new. Well, afterall that’s what new technology is for- replacing the old and making things easier. Here are few things that have become obsolete or are slowly becoming obsolete, thanks to smartphones:

  1. Calendar
    Who needs a physical calendar on desk or on wall when you can easily view the calendar on your screen with one single tap? Physical calendars now seem to just occupy some unnecessary space.
  2. Notepad
    Remember the time when you used to maintain a diary to keep a tab on things to do and stuff? This habit has been eliminated by the virtual notepad that is in-built in every smart phone.
  3. Alarm Clocks
    Those tiny little alarm clocks that once used to be placed right by the bedside are now no longer needed.
  4. Camera
    The point and shoot cameras that were once a necessity are now replaced by smartphones. In-built cameras in smartphones are as good as certain cameras and sometimes even better.
  5. Calculator
    Calculators are still being used in offices, shops and such but their usage is slowly decreasing. Every smartphone comes with a basic calculator and there are advanced calculator apps that are available on application store if needed.
  6. Radio
    The physical radio that once used to be a part of every household is gradually being replaced by smartphones. Similarly the digital music players are also no longer needed.
  7. Flash/Torch Light
    The physical torch lights are no longer a must-have item at homes. Every smartphone comes with an in-built light and there are other advanced apps too for the same.
  8. Physical maps
    With Google Maps being so efficient and handy, who needs actual physical folding maps. Today, there might be only a few rare situations wherein those old maps are being needed.
  9. Walkie Talkie
    When was the last time you actually saw someone using a walkie talkie?
  10. Timers
    Smartphones nowadays come with inbuilt timers and that has eliminated the need for actual physical ones. Today, even in sports academies, the timers are rarely seen.
  11. Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
    With loads of Dictionary apps available and internet accessible with just a click the need wherein anything you need to know can be surfed in a jiffy, the need for physical dictionaries and encyclopedias is long gone. In this era of high speed internet and 4g Smartphones, no one actually has a need for those.

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