8 Clever Ways To Organize Your Nail Polishes. . .

Sometimes storing your nail polishes can be a bit of a trouble especially when you have like a shade for every outfit you know. You know what we mean, right?! Nail polish storage doesn’t come easy for people who have a lot of variety.


If you already have so many boxes full of nail polishes on your vanity table, then we will help you with some creative ways to store them. You can use cans, jars, and plenty of things for this purpose. Let’s take a look at them one by one –

  1. Arrange them on a spice rack
    Take a revolving spice rack or any other one and use it to store your beloved nail polishes. It will be easy to pick the right one by simply rotating it slightly.
  1. Adhere magnets to the back
    You will need a metal board for this. Next, adhere magnet to the back of your nail paints and this will double up as a decorative wall.
  1. Store them in a cookie jar
    Know what? Store your nail paints inside a cookie jar instead of cookies. Take a cute cookie one, preferably a transparent one for this purpose.
  1. Dress them up in an old box
    You can upcycle an old box with some decorative paper and hang it on the wall to store nail polishes.
  1. Empty frames
    If you need to make a decorative wall beside your vanity mirror, then pick a gorgeous frame, an empty one and use it to display nail polishes.
  1. Display on a cake stand
    The cake stand can be used as to store your nail paints and it would look adorable.
  1. Inside a vanity suitcase with drawers
    Pick a rectangular or square shaped vanity trunk or suitcase and use it to organize your nail paints.
  1. Hanging baskets
    If you have a spare hanging basket lying at your home, use it to store colorful nail paints.

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