Must Haves in An Indian Women’s Wardrobe. . .

A women’s wardrobe is full of treasure and waste too. Fortunately, this is not the case with men/boys. Women tend to shop a lot and they end up buying stuff which later ends up being in somewhere back of the wardrobe “untouched”. All women have some serious attachment towards their clothes and accessories and didn’t want to throw them even if they are a total waste for them.
To simplify your problem, here are some of the things women must have in their wardrobe:

  1. A Pair Of Formals:
    A pair of perfect formals is a must-have in a women’s wardrobe. Every single working women should have it on the priority basis and should also know how to wear it properly so that she looks stunning. There are plenty of options for formals, either it can be formal blazer and trouser or a formal pencil skirt with a formal shirt and blazer.
  2. Blue Denim Jeans and white shirt:
    Classic blue jeans are never out of fashion. It’s a necessity and goes with each and every daily wear t-shirts especially with white colored t-shirts. It’s the best set of casual wear a woman should always have in her wardrobe. The ones most in fashion these days are ripped denim jeans and stone washed faded ones.
  3. Fabulous Heels:
    A black heel is a must in every girl/women’s wardrobe. It surely adds glamor to your look and goes with any attire, be it formals or party dresses. A black heel is something which will surely compliment your look. These heels can be of any style; gladiators, pumps, peep toes, whichever you like.
  4. A Perfect Day Dress:
    A summer day dress is also a necessity to compliment your day outings on weekends. These dresses may be in floral prints or something light which would look good in the sun. Such summer day dresses are must–haves as you can wear casual jeans and formals to a day outing with friends and family.
  5. Sunglasses:
    Sunglasses are something which never goes out of fashion. Possessing a pair of sunglasses is not a bad investment at all for your wardrobe. Sunglasses also compliment to each and every look and you can wear them in any season. Also, they add a SASSY factor to your style.
  6. A Saree:
    Being an Indian, a Saree is a compulsory element in a women’s wardrobe. An Indian girl can look no better than being in a Saree. Even Saree has a lot of options, so you can decide on which style of saree suits you and add it your wardrobe with a matching blouse. Sarees make you look different and adds a different beauty to your look. So, whether it’s a family function or your friend’s wedding, sarees will surely make you look stunning.
  7. Versatile Handbag:
    All ladies out there, a wardrobe without a perfect handbag is surely an incomplete wardrobe! You may invest your money in different outfits but a perfect and versatile bag are a necessity for an Indian girl, as we have a lot to carry in our bags which sometimes include food too 😛

These were some of the basic things an Indian girl should always have in her wardrobe. Well, there are many others but these are surely the must-haves!


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