8 Mom vs. Dad Pictures That Will Give You Laughter Dose For The Day. . .

justsomething.co When it comes out to parents we always have a favorite one and if not, they repeatedly ask us about it until we make a choice and then mock us for life. If you haven’t made yours, this post will probably help you to make it. Check out these funny mom v/s dad parenting pictures that will give you a dose of laughter.

  1. Of course zoo visits are all about the adventure. Now why would someone just go and watch animals from a distance? viralsection.com
  2. Either this daddy is inspired from some South Indian movie or he just wants to blow her mind off. viralsection.com
  3. We know shaving is an important thing but this dad is trying to tell us that shaving your son’s nose is even more important. viralsection.com
  4. Did you know that a baby’s butt is the best mouse pad? Mommy dear can learn a lot from dad. viralsection.com
  5. We have got to stop calling babies sweet, some daddies take it damn seriously. viralsection.com
  6. Looks like daddy got too excited while playing because he didn’t want to lose. viralsection.com
  7. I’m sure by now you know what’s more interesting than a walk with mom in a cradle. viralsection.com
  8. We gotta give extra marks to daddy for his creativity. No? viralsection.com

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