Cool Facts About Pizza That You Might Have Missed!. . .

For all you Pizza lovers, there are many bizarre and fun facts related to pizza. And no matter whatever food researchers or food historians say, people will never stop eating pizzas! You definitely have a spark in your eyes,the moment you see or smell ‘Pizza’. I think it’s the most common food that is loved by everyone around the world. So what this crazy, lovely, food has to say about itself? Take a look at the finger-licking facts about this heavenly food.

  1. People all around the world may have a problem in pronouncing this amazing, small word. The correct pronunciation is ‘Pitsa’ and not ‘Pidza’, ‘Piza’ or ‘Pikza’! (Even in Italy!). You can check out the following links to hear it yourself:
  2. Okay people, a quiz for you! Do you know what is the term used for the outer layer of the pizza? (No, I’mnot talking about the base of the pizza!). Yeah, the ones that you leave out like bones. It’s called “Cornicione”. This is what a certified Italian and Neapolitan pizza maker, Roberto Caporuscio, has to say: Cornicione is the raised rim of the pizza — what most non-pizza-obsessed folks call the “crust.” But of course, pizza freaks know that the entire bready base of the pizza is the “crust,” so we need a special term to talk about just the rim of the pizza.
  3. Nobody knows where the word “Pizza” came from! According to a recent study conducted by food historian Giuseppe Nocca, the word “Pizza” came from a small village named Gaeta, situated between Campania and Lazio in Italy.
  4. There’s a vast difference between an Italian Pizza and any other pizza around the world. One interesting difference is that Italian pizzas don’t come pre-sliced! Then, how do you eat? Well, eat like an Italian, when eating pizza in Italy.
  5. If you want to try something different but tasty in Pizza, try the deep fried Pizza available only in Scotland.
  6. You might have heard that Pizza Hut was the first one to deliver pizza to the astronauts at the International Space Station. But do you know that Pizza Hut got its logo emblazoned on the rocket? (Pretty cool, right!) And this was like almost 15 years ago. Probably the tastiest space commercial ever made!
  7. If you’re a ‘pot loving’ person or the one that loves marijuana, you should definitely try the “Happy Pizza”, a pizza that has “marijuana” as one of its toppings! It was first introduced in Cambodia and now you can have ‘marijuana pizza’ in L.A. too!
  8. Do you love chocolates and imagine chocolates in everything? Then, chocolate pizza is the ultimate fast food that you want to have! Pizza and chocolate! Gourmet Chocolate Pizzas in U.K. serves pizzas with chocolates that you will love to eat (or rather luxury chocolates!). Some of them even last up to 9 months.
  9. You might have heard of the weirdest pizzas available in the world. But you would be surprised that pizza not only has weird toppings but now available in weird shapes too! ‘Kono Pizza’ is a pocket size pizza available in a cone shape!
  10. What about the costliest pizza? Well, folks, the most expensive pizza of 2015 is ‘Louis XIII’ by master pizza chef Renato Viola in Italy. It takes 72 hours to prepare this small pizza that has a diameter of only 20 cm. And what about toppings? Well, you can imagine what it could have! Caviar, prawns, lobster, mozzarella, and many such luxurious things! You need to spend $12,000 to get a slice of this pizza.

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