10 Undeniable Signs It Is Time To Quit Your Job. . .

On an average, we spend around 8 hours of our day (sometimes, even more) at our workplace. That makes almost one-third of our entire life. There is really nothing worse than being unhappy with your job. Most of us stick to it out of insecurity, even if it makes us feel trapped and unhappy. If you are also experiencing the same confusion, then look for these signs to know if it’s time to move on or not.

  1. Your skills are not getting utilized properly
    You know you have more to offer, but somehow you are not given a chance to showcase your best skills. You are not given enough responsibilities, which gradually makes you question your own capability.
  2. You are not happy with the work structure
    Almost every firm has a unique structure. What works for someone else might be a complete nightmare for you. It has been observed that those who have a creative arc find it pretty tough to accept a flat structure at work.
  3. You and your boss are not on the same page
    Most of the people leave their job not because they are unhappy with the work, but because they can’t be with their boss anymore. If you can’t get along with your superior at all, then you would feel agitated and disoriented all the time. This is not good for your mental health and well-being.
  4. You are not growing as an individual
    Have you learned anything new in the last few months? Did you get a chance to grow as an individual? Ask yourself these questions to know if you can grow during your stay in the coming days or not.
  5. You are just there for the money
    If you are working just for money, then you can never be happy with your job. You need to understand that money is not more important than your happiness and that there are other ways to make a living as well.
  6. You don’t have enough creative freedom or space
    If you are a creative soul (like me), then you might find it hard to work in a confined space. You feel as if there are too many rules and regulations at your work space which hinders your natural creative flow.
  7. You don’t get appreciated by others
    When was the last time your employer appreciated you for your hard work? If your boss can’t recognize your worth right now, then there is a really bleak chance that it would change in the future as well.
  8. You don’t feel invested in your work
    No matter how much you try to make your work interesting – at the end of the day, you just find it impossible to relate yourself to it. You consider it as an obligation and can’t give your whole to it.
  9. You are not able to attain a perfect work-life balance
    Working for a few extra hours every now and then is not a big deal, but if you are bringing work home almost every weekend, then you need to stop it right away. It can have some serious repercussion in your personal life.
  10. You feel trapped and unhappy all the time
    Most importantly, you just don’t feel a sense of contentment and joy while working. It feels like as if you are being trapped against your will and every cell in your body just wants to break free.

If you are also experiencing the same, then it is high-time to look for another option. Don’t compromise with your creative freedom and work at a place where you are being valued and appreciated. After all, you have got one life to live. And you can’t waste it while feeling unfulfilled.

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