7 Things NRIs Say And Do When They Come To India. . .

Some typical traits that Indians acquire after they settle down overseas.

Each one of us have some or the other family member or friends who are NRIs. And every time they come back home, we notice some common traits amongst them. They have changed and that too drastically. They behave differently and as if they have landed in some alien land. Here are few things that NRIs do and say which are not only absurd but also funny when they come to India:

  1. “What is that smell?”
    This is probably heard quite a few times over their stay. It is as if they have smelled something strange and weird. Once or twice is okay but when that nose covering happens frequently, it can get weird.
  2. Replacing commonly used words
    This change in NRIs is probably the most common and is caught very fast. Instead of “hi”, it will be “hey”; “curd” will be “yogurt”; “highway” will be “freeway”; “yes” will be “yeah”; “got to” will be “gotta” and so on. However you can rarely make out how US accents and British accents can be acquired by a single person.
  3. Baseball will take over Cricket
    For them sports will be all about NBA and Baseball. If they worshipped Sachin and Dhoni before, they would be raving about Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal now.
  4. “Mineral Water please”
    They would prefer to drink mineral water only. Drinking water outside would be like drinking something unhealthy. Also, they would demand diet coke instead of going for normal coke.
  5. “Oh my God, Pollution Everywhere”
    They continuously crib about the ever increasing pollution and how much nuisance it has become. Well, only if they would stop for a moment and look around, they would find much better stuff beneath the pollution levels. And if it isn’t about pollution, it would be about the traffic and number of cars on the road.
  6. Finding food too spicy for their liking
    This one would make anyone roll their eyes. Since Indians are known for their love for spicy food, it is weird how after few months or a year someone can find normal Indian food spicy.
  7. Counting the calories intake
    They keep a watch on their every intake. On one side they want to eat their favourite food which they don’t get there, take a lot of snacks over there while on the other hand they keep a tab on their calories intake.

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