8 Indian Web-Series To Binge-Watch This Weekend. . .

Move over Netflix, Indian web series are here to give tough competition and make you binge-watch

Indian television may not be advancing at a fast pace or may not have something exciting to offer nowadays, but they are slowly being replaced by web-series. This holds true especially for the tech-savvy people who want everything on their fingertips and hence in their cell-phones. It won’t be wrong to say that Indian media industry is right now being revolutionized by these Web-series. Indian web series are getting better day by day. Here are few of them to binge-watch on if you haven’t till date:

  1. Bang Baaja Baarat

    A classic example of inter class marriage and what all does a bride and groom undergo just few days before their marriage. In this short series, two people who belong to a completely different background decide to get married and introduce their parents just three days before wedding. What follows is a complete havoc.

  2. Baked

    This can easily be labelled as India’s most ambitious fiction web-series. The series follows the journey of three college students who decide to start a midnight food delivery service and what an adventure it turns out to be when they eventually landed themselves in trouble.

  3. Permanent Roommates

    A very realistic and romantic show, Permanent Roommates is a story of a couple who after being in a long-distance relationship for three years starts living together and faces the contemplation of marriage.

  4. Tripling

    A road trip undertaken by three siblings Chitvan, Chanchal and Chandan turns out to be a self-discovery journey and also a hilarious one.

  5. Man’s World

    Kiran’s wish that men and women should trade places comes true and his journey on the other side where women treated men the way they are treated presently is surely an eye-opening one.

  6. The Pitchers

    The Pitchers is rightly known as the best web-series made in terms of direction, soundtrack and editing. The show Is about four friends who after being frustrated with their corporate jobs, quit it and decide to open a start-up.

  7. A.I.S.H.A- My Virtual Girlfriend

    This one is for tech-geeks. An app developer, Sam decides to get back to his bullying boss through an app he developed. The story follows the scenario what happens when the app gets thinking abilities.

  8. #Lovebytes
    #Lovebytes is a story of a couple who are in a live-in relationship which is hidden from their respective families. The girl is afraid that the guy’s mother won’t accept their relationship and thus can’t get pick up the courage to reveal it.
  9. Humorously Yours

    The series follows the life of a standup comedian VipulGoyal. Behind the humor that public sees is a little known story that is not visible to all.

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