8 Thoughts You Have While Shopping At Forever 21 If You’re Not 21. . .

Have you told your 30-something self not to shop at Forever 21 because you have grown up? Well, let’s admit it. You can never really outgrow Forever 21.


Ever since you started shopping at F21, you knew that your bond will be a lasting now. You can shop all that you want and still don’t feel like you have over-spend. This is why F21 lives in our hearts. Here are 8 things you can relate to if you love to shop at Forever 21 despite not 21 –

  1. These tops are so cheap! Wait, would they look cheap on me or should I buy something more lady-like? Umm, maybe next time.

  1. Damn! 100 Rs for an earring! I will have a new jewelry wardrobe right now. My day is made.

  1. What if my friends know I bought it from Forever 21? Well, who cares?! It looks super cute. Just buy it!
  2. Meanwhile, in the fitting room.
  3. I guess I need some new outfits for Valentine Day, date night and more.
  4. Is this a new trend? Well, that looks awkward.
  5. Let’s wait in the queue for billing. I sure have saved some money today. Woohoo!
  6. Oh! I loved cats and pizzas all my life!


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