10 GIFs From The Notebook To Describe Life Of Every Die-hard Romantic. . .

A movie that is favorite of every die-hard romantic person is “The Notebook.” This movie is the reason many reasons can relate to about their not-so-pretty love life and can hope for a better ending.This movie made Ryan Gosling a heartthrob for many women and guys had a major crush on Rachel McAdams. And if you are a romantic person, then this movie will fit right into your life. Here are 12 GIFs from Notebook that die-hard romantics can relate to –

  1. When you approach your crush for the first time and are excited as hell. fun107.com
  2. When you ask your crush out and have the first dance with him/her. giphy.com
  3. Your thoughts about love exactly. wifflegif.com
  4. When you meet your soul mate and immediately feel something different. fun107.com
  5. When your life revolves around your lover and you two are inseparable. giphy.com
  6. When you say silly things in love. fun107.com
  7. When you don’t give up in love. kinoteka.lt
  8. When that one look from your lover says it all and you can decipher that because you understand love. popsugar.com
  9. Your thoughts about the everyday struggle in a relationship. fun107.com
  10. You have a solution for every problem in love because you understand that love means sacrifice as well. daily.newlook.com

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