9 Struggles Of Women Who Are Naturally Loud. . .

If you live the life of a super loud girl, you know that it is both a blessing and a curse. Remember the ‘Geet’ from Jab We Met. Kareena personified the character of a loud Punjabi girl with ease and no wonder she looked like a fun person to be with.


The downside is, such loud women often land up in trouble because of their own voice. Well, the struggle is real when it comes to silencing your own self. Here are everyday struggles of naturally loud women –

  1. Inside voice? What is that?
    The idea of an inside voice is pretty much an alien concept to us!
  1. When we talk passionately about something, people mistake it for anger
    Person: Are you angry?
    Me: No, why?
    Person: Then why are you speaking on the top of your lungs?
    Me: ……..
  1. Or they think we are just being bitchy
    Just because we speak loud, doesn’t mean that we are rude or bitchy.
  1. We don’t know how to whisper
    So if you are telling us a secret, don’t expect us to pass that by in silence. We don’t know how to keep it low, let alone whispering.
  1. We can terrify shy people
    We always get the evil eye from shy or introverts.
  1. People feel intimidated by us
    No, we are not trying to scare people. But they just feel intimidated by our loud voices.
  1. We have to hold back in movie theaters
    Because we can’t keep calm when there is a fight or comedy scene. We can pretty much become a laugh riot, a loud one.
  1. Whenever we try being quiet, people think we are upset
    Every once in a while when we stay quiet, people think that we are pissed or upset.
  1. Lowering our voice is a lot of work
    Mind it, its hell lot of work folks!

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