10 types of friends we must all have in our lives. . .

Friends are the secret behind your long happy and contented life. In our course of life, we meet thousands of people, some of them become strangers and some surprisingly turn out to be the friend we always cherished to have in our life. But one thing we all must remember is that a wrong person and a wrong friendship can also wreck havoc in your life. With friendship becoming just another term in the virtual media, here is a list of the types of friends you need to have in your life actually.

  1. A loyal friend
    Friends are the people with whom you share all your secrets. If you can’t entrust your deepest secrets, your intimate desires with him/her, then that person can’t be your friend. So, you need someone who knows what being loyal is.
  2. An Adventure lover
    We all need someone who will pull us out of our shell, pull us out of our comfort zone and motivate us to do something exciting and adventurous. They are the ones who will teach you to “live” your life, meet new people, try out new food and drink and give you a life changing experience.
  3. An expert in emotional therapy
    These kinds of friends will be your emotional backbone. In the case of breakups and the confusion over what to do with your life, this friend is always there as an emotional healer or a shoulder to cry on or someone who can pacify you.
  4. A non-judgmental fellow
    You obviously don’t want to be judged always. A friend who can listen to all what you have to say without passing judgmental comments, is the one you need in your life.
  5. The Rational one
    When you act weird, cry hysterically and have made up your mind to do something god awful, these friends will be there to put some rationality in your mind. They will prevent you from doing something wrong and although they may seem to be wrong at that moment, in the long run they will prove to be the sanest.
  6. A high-spirited friend
    Whatever be the occasion, these types of friends are always excited. Talking about some long lost friend, buying a new book or catching a movie- whatever be the instance, they are always cheerful. These friends can bring happiness in your life and if you meet one, keep them.
  7. A constructive critique
    Often you need someone who will not only listen to what you have to say but will also provide with some inputs. He/she will criticize you, albeit in a positive way, so that you don’t feel hopeless and can actually move forward in your life.
  8. The fitness enthusiast
    You need to stay fit in the long run and who better than a fitness freak friend can motivate you to do so? Not only will they drag you to workout sessions, but they will have a look at what you have on your plate. Although you may feel overbearing sometimes, but isn’t staying fit is all what you need?
  9. The Gossipers
    They are the encyclopaedia of all rumours, screwed up affairs and every other detail about people all around you. They have an answer to all your questions and that’s funny.
  10. A person of different culture
    Having a friend from a different culture is always a welcome bliss because you get to attend functions and functions which are varied and of myriad colour. You can learn customs, traditions, food, dress, behaviour from other cultures which is going to make you a better human being. They will widen your perspective.

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