Most Funny Excuses Ever People Make On Being Late!. . .

“Oh crap! Not again! Can please somebody just throw it out?”
That’s exactly what many of us feels in the morning when suddenly our sweet precious sleep is disturbed by an outrageous alarm. You tried to snooze it, but it’s too late now. You have to get out of the bed to at least switch it off. That’s the morning saga of almost all of us, and none of us want to leave our bed ever again. But you’ve got to run and start working soon. But thinking about an excuse, huh? Check out these funny excuses that you can ever think of being late:

  1. “No, it wasn’t the traffic that scared me. It was the bus, it took a wrong, weird turn!”
    (Okay, we believe you. So where did you reach? Naboo?!)
  2. “I forgot to change my new office address on maps. Damn! Never rely on GPS!”
    (Where was your former office? Let me call your ex-employer!)
  3. “I had to help an old lady. How can I let her cross street alone with a grocery bag!”
    (Come on, don’t lie! We know that old lady was your mother)
  4. “I was right there, seated from last 20 minutes. You might have missed me.”
    (Yeah, right. You did time travelling!)
  5. “I’ll be late in today. My breakfast is too hot to finish soon.”

    (What are you eating in breakfast? Lava?!)
  6. “I worked so late yesterday. Didn’t knew it was Monday today.”
    (You better keep your calendar updated!)

  7. ” I think I’ve got some acid-poisoning kind thing from eating too much pickle.”

    (And then you just wait to fart a little loudly this time, lol!)

  8. “My mother-in-law just couldn’t stop talking!”
    (No comments, folks!)
  9. “I am not late. I was already in my office in my mind.”
    (No, we take our work seriously and never quit thinking about it.)
  10. “I had to take my Toco Toucan to the exotic veterinary clinic.”
    (BTW, Toco Toucan is a bird)
  11. “I’m a newbie in Android. It was tough to locate the snooze button.”
    (And let’s guess, you overslept!)
  12. “I think I forgot which international time zone we follow.”
    (You followed Canadian time before?)
  13. “Guess what I found a new way to office! But it takes more than two hours, sigh!”
  14. “What? I thought that office starts at 11:30 am!”
    (It happens sometimes, you forget you’ve got to go to the office)
  15. ” I told you, if I wasn’t there on time, you should go ahead and start! Don’t wait for me.”
    (The epic one!)

Your turn! What’s your excuse to get late in the office? Do share!

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