8 Cool And Healthy Reasons Men Should Grow Beards. . .

The beard trend is here to stay. They have gained huge popularity among men all over the globe. While it is a personal statement for many, others are keeping it just to look cool.


Whatever be the reason for keeping a beard, the truth is that it sure comes with some benefits. There are some cool and healthy reasons to have beard and here are the top ones –

  1. Blocks UV rays
    The number 1 reason to have a beard is to save your skin from harmful UV rays of the sun and beard is perfect in doing so.
  1. Less aging
    Another cool reason to keep a beard is to keep wrinkles at bay. How? Well, sunlight won’t be able to damage your skin and hence less aging.
  1. Prevents Acne
    Shaving results in acne in most cases. How cool it is to have a beard and not have to deal with the mess of acne and all that after-shave trouble!
  1. Builds confidence
    According to the researchers, men who have beard tend to have a sense of power and confidence. They are likely to be more successful in life.
  1. Keeps your skin moisturized
    Shaving tends to open up skin pores while beard keeps the pores closed and make it less prone to dryness.
  1. Prevents bacterial infections
    A beard naturally protects against several bacterial infections while shaving opens up that portal.
  1. Natural filter
    Men who have beards have a natural filter to keep microscopic allergens out of their skin as well as the nose. So it will keep those airborne diseases out of the way.
  1. Fountain of youth
    No wonder, beard acts as the fountain of youth with all those benefits such as – keeping blemishes away, keeping pores closed, allergens out of your skin/nose, less sun damage and more.


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