10 Things Which You Should Avoid on Your First Date. . .

So, you are all geared up for your first date with that cute boy or girl you have spotted online or met through your common friends. Going on your first date can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, as you are eager to meet that person and at the same time, you are over-conscious about your appearances and how will you be received by your date. The fact is, a number of ‘first time dater’ do something absolutely obnoxious in that moment of euphoria, albeit unintentionally.

Since there is a rule for everything in this cosmic world, there are some strict “no-no” guidelines for you, which you need to follow when you are going to meet that person for the first time. Let us see what they are.

  1. Don’t get drunk

    This is the first and the foremost blunder that a person does on his/her first date. Believe us, this is absolutely gross. Your date will never feel comfortable with a person who doesn’t even have control over their drinking habits. Remember, this is not a booze party; you need to provide a good impression on that person.
  2. Don’t mention about your past affairs

    Okay, it’s a nice idea to do a candid confession on your first date, but it is also a big turnoff for your date. Your date may feel that you still haven’t got over your past relationship. He/she may even wonder whether you are ready for a new relationship.
  3. Don’t talk about marriage and kids

    You have come for a date and you are not even sure that whether this one will culminate into a relationship. So, it’s better not to talk about marriage and kids, instead focus on both of your interests and hobbies, likes and dislikes. This will enable you to know each other better.
  4. Let the other person talk

    Avoid speaking too much about yourself; it will make your date believe that you only think about yourself and disrespect the person as well.
  5. Keep off your phone

    Okay, you can inform your over-enthusiastic friends about your date later on; they are not running away! But a few precious moments spent with your date will never return. Don’t ruin it with your phone.
  6. Stay away from messy food

    Even though you like eating messy food, settle with some short sweet food which you can eat gracefully. Remember, you have to talk while eating. Messy food will drive all your attention from the talk to the food.
  7. Dress gracefully
    If you wear revealing clothes, you may appear “cheap” or “lose”. In order to make that lasting impression, dress up poignantly. If too much makeup or gorgeous dress, not your forte, you can keep it simple and casual.
  8. Don’t sleep with your date on the first day

    Know the person well before you decide to hit the bed with him/her. Your date may lose interest in you after having sex and may not call you.
  9. Don’t be late on your date
    Time is valuable and your punctuality is something which will floor your date. Being late means you are showing disrespect to your date.
  10. Don’t talk about your personal problems

    He/she is no agony aunt, so telling them about your problems won’t help you in any way. This may even bore your date to death or he/she may feel you are on the lookout of some sympathy.


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