4 Lessons To Be Learnt From Female Characters in Bahubali. . .

The female characters in Bahubali have displayed so many layers that if viewed correctly they end up teaching us a lot

Bahubali 2: The conclusion, the most anticipated movie finally hit the theaters and everywhere you go, people are found either raving about the movie or debating whether justice has been done to the answer to the debate that had been going on for last 2 years as to why Katappa killed Bahubali. But more than the answer to the question, what was more enticing was the way female characters were portrayed. The female characters are so striking that there are quite a few lessons to be learnt from them. Here are few of them:

  1. Equal space sharing of the characters
    Rarely does this happen that a female character shares the center stage with a male character in a movie. In both the installments of Bahubali, the female characters i.e. Sivagami and Avantika in first one and Sivagami and Devasena in second one share equal screen space. There is no sign of male chauvinism anywhere. The Indian thinking that a man listening to a woman and taking orders from a woman is a sign of weakness basically came from movies and television. Bahubali instead shows that it instead is a sign of strength because that shows a man is respecting a woman.
  2. Woman is an independent individual
    In our society a woman is either someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, someone’s wife or someone’s mother. However in Bahubali each woman character i.e.Sivagami, Avantika and Devasena were shown brilliantly as an independent individual who carry their individual roles with utmost ease and excellence. Sivagami as a mother to two sons, one of them who isn’t her blood; Avantika as a warrior princess and Devasana as the princess of kingdom of Kuntal and then Prabhas’s wife are such strong characters that they in fact need no support from any male character.
  3. Controlling own’s emotion
    Women are always shown to wear their emotions on sleeves, being melodramatic and loud. However in Bahubali, it gets more realistic. Whether it is Devasena who sees her son after 25 years or Sivagami who realizes she made a huge mistake that would affect not only her family but her own kingdom, there are no tears or melodrama. All the three female characters are warriors and portray the whole of woman community who somewhere deep down have the same warrior-like characteristics. They are not meant to be just another glamour quotient for the movie.
  4. Duties come first
    There have been enough debates going on for last few years whether a woman can effectively do both her duties as a career woman and as household runner. However Bahubali beautifully captures how a woman can achieve anything she wants and how she can multi-task. Shivagami is shown to raise her two sons along with running her kingdom adequately. The scene where Shivagami kills a man and then is rocking her newborn in her arms the very next moment is unforgettable. Whether it is Devasena or Avantika, they know where their priorities lie and they balance their personal life and duties towards their kingdom with ease.

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