5 Signs That Prove Aliens Are Somewhere Around Us. . .

There are enough proofs that show we are not alone in this universe.

There have been enough movies that show aliens attacking our planet, war taking place and so on. However they are all labeled “sci-fi” which means science-fiction which further means that it is a fiction and maybe just half true. But the question that often arises is “Is it really all fiction? What if aliens do exist? What if we actually are in danger of evasion?” Scientists have long been working out on this and trying to find out if life exists on some other planet but till date have got no concrete answers. However here are few signs that prove aliens are in fact present somewhere around us:

  1. Deep mysterious signals that come from space
    SETI which is a scientific non-profit institute committed to discover the universe origins and search evidence for extraterrestrial civilizations. This organization utilizes radio telescopes network to detect any signals that might indicate any kind of existence of life somewhere in the space. In 2007, Duncan Lorimar a researcher found anunusual signal which he described as “shrieks from the black abyss of the universe unlike anything ever found before. And they are deeply mysterious.”Till date scientists don’t know what to make of them.
  2. China’s alien pipes
    Caves are found in China that consists of pipes which are located under lake beds. All of these pipes vary in shape but are said to be 150,000 years old. Plus the place where these pipes are found isn’t somewhere where humans have traditionally ever lived. Also, humans are not believed to exist 150,000 years back.
  3. UFOs in ancient paintings
    While we are used to seeing UFOs in movies, magazines and TV Shows, UFOs are also seen in ancient paintings like the one done by Roswell and even the one before that like Native American cave paintings. Not to mention African cave paintings, Australian cave paintings, Tanzian cave paintings. Basically cultures all over the world have been depicting UFOs since years in their paintings. Scientists say that there should have been UFO sightings in that era for the humans to depict them in their paintings.
  4. Discovery of alien megastructure by Kepler telescope
    NASA’s Kepler telescope is specifically designed to recognize earth-like planets that orbit stars. Recently, Kepler discovered a very strange star-like object that scientists have named KIC 8462852. Something causes starlight from this star to dip and burst. Scientists are not sure yet but they have ruled out many possible natural phenomena explanations. The closest explanation is that this is an alien megastructure which is designed to harness solar power.
  5. Alan Bean’s claims
    Alan Bean who was a pilot in Apollo 12 of year 1969 which was the mission to moon and one of the men to have set foot on moon claimed during an interview that he believes there is some life somewhere out there in the universe. Maybe some of them would be what our life was 100,000 years back while some would be 100,000 years advanced from us. He believes there are aliens somewhere out there but they are yet to visit Earth. He says if they ever visit Earth, they would just land and say “We come in peace.” Also, he is not revealing full details but he says his claims are not baseless.

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