7 Picture Perfect Hillside Towns To Visit Once This Lifetime. . .

Tucked away on a hillside, these towns are picture perfect and blissful.

Everytime you travel, you try and make that experience a different one from rest other travels. Afterall that is the aim of most of our travels, make it an experience of lifetime and make it memorable. This is exactly what these hillside towns offer. A visit down to these pretty towns that are tucked away in some scenic hillside offer an all different experience, the one that you will cherish for lifetime. Here are few such perfect hillside towns that you should visit atleast once:

  1. Positano, Italy
    Positano is Italy’s one of the most popular village that is located on Amalfi Coast. The cliff of the hill on which this village is located spreads upwards which makes its beach the only flat location in this area. Once there the visitors won’t need any type of car since the whole town is linked with steep pedestrian stairways.
  2. Larung Gar, Tibet
    This place can easily be classified as one of the most under-rated tourist places there are. Located in a very remote area of Tibet, the largest Tibetan Buddhist Academy in the world is located here. If you like something challenging, do visit Larung Gar since it is very difficult to reach. But once there, the visit is worth it. Red houses that surround the institute will dazzle you.
  3. Santorini, Greece
    The province of Santorini needs no introduction. The place is a very popular tourist destination. Its crystal blue waters and white-colored hillside villages have a great tourist appeal. The visitors are sure to return back with a classic Greek experience that is romantic, warm and culturally rich.
  4. Rocamadour, France
    Rocamadour is more of a religious site rather than a tourist destination. But the place offers such amazing views and consists of such spiritually important locations like Chapelle Notre Dame and Black Madonna shrine that visitors would return with memories of lifetime. Tourists are encourages to visit La Foret des Singes which is a monkey forest for some different type of experience.
  5. Casares, Spain
    Casares is an “off-beat” located village in Spain and has since decades beautifully retained its culture. That and its “sugar-cube” shaped structures attract tourists. These sugar-cube shaped structures are charmingly arranged around a castle that sits on the top of the region’s highest hill. The views that one gets from this castle would make you feel like you are in a paradise.
  6. Cinque Terre, Italy
    Cinque Terre is basically a string of five villages namely Manarola, Riomaggiore, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare which can be visited by train, by boat or hiking trails. Hence this spot is locally known to be Hiker’s Haven. Colorful homes, vibrant seaside culture and its rocky beaches are what attract the tourists.
  7. Valparaiso, Chile
    The place offers such brilliant views that you will feel like settling down over here. Valparaiso has been tagged as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site and is a rightly known as the Poet’s Paradise. The town possesses a rather old-fashioned, attractive culture that will draw you to it. Take a stroll down its streets and the street art there will amaze you.

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