7 Places to Travel In India For Those Who Love Photography. . .

India, the land of diverse topography offers some mesmerizing beauty that would prove to be heaven for photography-lovers

Travelling and photography go hand-in-hand. It goes without saying that those who love photography simply love travelling. They are always on a lookout of new places that they can explore and capture. Whether it is food photography, landscape, architecture, candid or any other type of photography, basically it is about exploring new everytime. India in that sense is very diverse. Be it history, people, culture, tradition, ambiance, architecture or landscape India offers a lot. Here are few places in India which a photography lover would simply enjoy exploring:

  1. Varanasi
    A boat ride in the Ganges, devotees indulging in religious prayers, ancient ghats and temples, Varanasi is definitely a brilliant and a photogenic spot. The best part about this place is its early mornings. If you are off to Varanasi, it is recommended that you get up early and try to capture early morning rituals and its empty spots.
  2. Leh-Ladakh
    Leh-Ladakh’s beauty cannot be described in words but can be definitely captured in photos. And that too extensively. Glacier tops, the clear blue skies, trekking trails, ancient monasteries, yaks and camels and more await photo enthusiasts. It is definitely a paradise for photography lovers.
  3. Hampi
    Now recognized as India’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi is an ancient village in Karnataka. Often called as unearthly site, Hampi with its magnificent ruins continues to attract tourists since years. If you are someone who loves heritage and such medieval aged ruins, make Hampi your next destination.
  4. Andaman & Nicobar Islands
    White sandy beaches, clear blue skies, crystal blue waters and rich coral reefs is what Andaman & Nicobar Islands are all about. Beautiful landscapes and serene islands make this place one of the most beautiful that India has to offer. Explore Havelock island, Neil island and Ross island and you are sure going to be mesmerized by the nature’s beauty.
  5. Corbett National Park
    India has got so many National Parks where the wildlife photographers can indulge themselves in some hardcore photography. Corbett National Park in Uttrakhand is well-known for its Bengal tigers, wild elephants, leopards and large species of birds. Other national parks like Kanha National Park, the jungle of Gir, the lesser known Pench National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park, Tadoba National Park, Ranthambore National Park and such are worth exploring.
  6. Kolkatta
    Kolkatta is a visual sight during Durga festival. If you are interested in photographing the Bengali culture and tradition, make sure you visit this city during its Durga festival. Cover the making of Goddess Durga statues, rituals performed, the attire worn and such. Howrah Bridge is another beauty that this city offers. Spend some time on the streets and you are sure to fall in love with this city.
  7. Rajasthan
    Rajasthan is a culturally very rich place. Places like Udaipur, Pushkar, Kumbalgardh, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner and Jaisalmar make a great choice for photography. Apart from royal palaces, forts, desert and dunes Rajasthan’s culture is what photographers love. Go on a photography tour in Rajasthan and it would be an exciting experience.

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