Tips to makeover after a breakup. . .

When you suffer a heartbreak, it is indeed painful. The person whom you thought to be your lifeline, your confidant and your partner-in-crime suddenly become a face among the thousand strangers traversing the earth. You feel a void and often have a pessimistic feeling about being loved again. But that doesn’t mean you should lose all hope of living. A break up is also a great opportunity to take a look at yourself, heal your pain, do the necessary makeovers and move on in your life.

Here are some of the tips which can help you reinvent yourself after a breakup.

  1. Give up the negative feeling
    Stop thinking negative about yourself. Just let go of the thought that since you were undeserving for him/her, it will continue in the future. Get up in the morning, look into the mirror and say that you are strong, independent, beautiful and worthy of doing anything.
  2. You don’t really need a personality makeover
    Generally, we tend to feel post break-up that it was our personality which was the main reason behind the debacle and we need to change it. This is entirely wrong because if you change yourself, you lose your own identity and your charm of being unique on your own.
  3. Exercise
    A breakup leaves us with a lot of stress which shows on our face. That’s why you look dejected, broken and insomniac. The best way to get rid of that stress is exercise. Run, jog, hit the gym and do the machines, join aerobics or yoga classes. Do something which makes you feel physically relaxed and calm. Put on your favourite “Shape of You” or “Cheap Thrills” and dance your heart out!
  4. Don’t indulge in binge eating
    Binge eating after break up is a notorious way to gain weight as our body consumes more calories when you are sad. So, stick to some nutritious food for the time being and also which gives you ample energy.
  5. Read books
    Books are the best friends who will never leave your side. Read as much as possible, it’s an emotional stress reliever as well as a mental healer. When you are reading, you get distracted for the time being which helps you to relax. It is also the best way to a spiritual makeover.
  6. Wardrobe makeover
    Go for retail therapy; it’s proven to be mentally healing. Discard old clothes; rearrange your closet with some new ones. An organized wardrobe with new clothes is sure to make you feel happy.
  7. Treat yourself
    Visit the parlor or salon; take care of your skin and hair. A good body massage or a head massage can beat the stress out of yourself. Take yourself out on a date, watch movies, hit the favorite eatery. Trust us, it is sure to make you feel happy.
  8. Make new friends
    A break up doesn’t mean you will sever ties with anyone and everyone. Remember, you still have your old friends to hang out with. Or better, go out, meet new people and make new friends. This will give you a new perspective on your life. Moreover, a good company can make you forget old worries.
  9. Talk to a counselor
    There is nothing wrong in talking to a counselor. If you feel you need someone to talk to who can also give you some expert tips on how to deal with heartbreaks, there is no better option than a counselor. He/she can also provide practical solutions.
  10. Do what makes you happy
    Indulge in some activities in which you are an expert. Paint, dance, sing, take care of pets, gardening or teach children. These are the best options to spend time in a positive way.

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