Every Coffee Lover should visit these places!. . .

For all the coffee lovers like us, it is not just a beverage which we sip; it’s an emotion that we are attached to. Those who are seasoned coffee drinkers know the differences between various blends of coffee. They even go to the extreme of visiting places which serves the best coffee in the world. If you are a coffee crazy person like the rest, here is a list of places for you which you should visit only for your love for coffee.

We bet that at the end of the list you will start packing your bags!

  1. Seattle, Washington, US
    The chilly city is dotted by small coffee cafes located at different places by the sea. The Seattleites are even mocked to consume most of the coffees than any other places in the US. It is the home for the coffee colossal Starbucks with the original location at the Pike Place Market. Other coffee shops are Tully’s Coffee, Seattle’s Best, Victrola Coffee Roasters and many more.
  2. Melbourne, Australia
    When you visit the city, you will feel that the local people take coffee drinking seriously there. The city is often termed as Australia’s coffee capital. If you are in Melbourne, head straight to Captains of Industry, a cafe located at Somerset Place. One of the striking things about the Melbourne Coffee cafes is that they not only serve coffee but try to promote a community feeling among fellow coffee lovers.
  3. Rome, Italy
    The abode of pizza and pasta is also the place for getting some unique flavours of coffee. Visit Rome and you will find innumerable cafes dotting the streets. You will mostly find black or mildly sweetened caramel coffee. You can visit Rosati, Ciampini and other famous cafes here.
  4. Istanbul, Turkey
    Let’s jump to Asia this time and visit Turkey, one of the best destinations for coffee lovers. Just a reminder, you won’t get that typical American flavoured light coffee here. The coffees served here are highly flavoured and dark which is due to their unique method of brewing. A peculiar Turkish vessel called cezve is used to boil the finely grounded coffee beans and the result is a thick brew of coffee. A renowned cafe located here is Galata Konak Cafe.
  5. Vienna, Austria
    In 2011, the UNESCO declared the city’s coffee cafes as the “intangible heritage”. The cafes look so good that you would love to spend an entire afternoon here. The renowned coffee flavour is Melange, which is an espresso coupled up with froth milk and steamed milk. One particular destination of the cafe is Cafe Neko which is a cat cafe where you can play with cats while sipping some coffee Melange.
  6. Havana, Cuba
    It would be a blunder if we keep Havana out of the list of coffee destinations. Here you will mostly find Espresso coffee which is either brewed with sugar which is called Cafe Cubano or brewed with milk which is called cortadito. Famous cafes here are Cafe Bohemia, Cafe Escorial and many more.
  7. Reykjavik, Iceland
    Iceland has of late become a unique destination for coffee lovers. Although there is no such reputed cafe to reckon with, there are numbers of independent cafes which draw huge customers on a daily basis.
  8. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    This is the place which gave birth to coffee. No doubt when you visit the place, you will find being served with coffee at every occasion. The fun thing is you can personally roast and grind the beans and brew them in a clay pot served at the cafe and make your own coffee. Famous cafe zones are Tomoca coffee, Alem Bunna and many more.
  9. Singapore, Asia
    Singapore is slowly adapting the modern espresso art, although coffee had always been an integral part of their life. The latte art is in high demand here and it is for this sole reason people flock here. You can equally enjoy mocha or cappuccino. Visit the Strangers’ Reunion in Chinatown, the Dutch Colony located in the Pasar Bella marketplace.
  10. Vancouver, Canada
    Vancouver is dotted with small coffee brewers and is one of the best destinations for getting quality coffee. Two of the most famous brewing methods are the Clover coffee maker and Cold Brewing. The Americanos and Espresso drinks are what the people here prefer particularly. Some of the famous coffee spots are Bel Cafe, Caffe Artigiano and many more.

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