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Hosting a mini-party is not an easy job, especially the get-together. You need time, patience, and also be quick. And when you’re out of any of these resources, it’s time to run your eyes over quick dinner recipes. And these Indian recipes will surely help you. So, gather your cooking tools, get your chef hat and load your pantry with fresh and flavorsome ingredients!

Let’s start with appetizers!

  1. Papad Roll:
    Okay, this is not what your usual “Masala Papad” is, but it’s a twisted version. Gather some papads, potatoes, masalas, veggies, and oil. And you’re good to start!
  2. Chicken Pakora/ Chicken Fritters:
    If you’re not really in the mood to start your evening with veggies, then try the “Chicken fritters”. It’s stupendous, easy, and fast. Maybe your guests will ask “when’s the next party?”

Salad, anyone?

  1. Veggies topped with nuts:
    Did you know that eating a salad before the main course helps you in weight control? You eat more vegetables in the salad which will you make your craving for the main course less. And what’s more delicious than the combination of veggies and nuts?!

Get some drinks, please.

  1. Buttermilk:
    The best drink to beat the heat and of course to settle down those groaning noises of your belly. It contains only 1% fats (not too fatty as it sounds!) and is rich in probiotics.
  2. Lassi:
    Lassi is another yogurt drink that is favorite of all! Can’t miss this one, right? This Indian beverage helps in soothing digestive tract efficiently.

The Main (Course) time:

We have loads of spicy and savory Indian dishes on the internet. But we’re talking about ‘quick’ dishes. These are one of your best bets on the table.

  1. Egg Curry:
    When all you have is egg and some spices, it’s time to impress everyone with this tangy curry. It’s super easy and quick to make, especially when you’ve got no time for cooking.

    Bonus: Try “Shakshuka” for a new version. This isn’t an Indian dish, but you can add it as main dish, if you like:

  2. Bharwa Baingan:
    This absolutely luscious dish is made with eggplants stuffed with masalas and sometimes potatoes. Whether made in Punjabi style or coconut based curry, it will leave your taste buds bursting with flavors.

  3. Chicken Curry:
    Need we say why we can’t miss Indian chicken curries?
    Try Chicken Tikka Masala for a hassle-free and quick dish.

    But “Butter Chicken” can win hearts easily.

    Ever tried Bengali curry called “Murgh Rezala”? It’s a heavenly treat made in no time!

    Ah! The Goan delight “Xacuti” is something worth to eat!

  4. The Paneer love:
    Just like chicken, Paneer is the star of potluck parties. And for those who are in between non-veg love and Paneer, must try the “Makhni Paneer Biryani”. Made with creamy gravy, steaming rice and Paneer cubes, it will just sit on everyone’s palate perfectly.

    Or how about some flavorful dish called “Kadai Paneer” made from soft Paneer sauteed in aromatic spices and spruced up with colorful bell peppers?

    Try the twisted, creamy, delicious version of “Shahi Paneer” by Vikas Khanna, and you’ll want to make it for every potluck party.

Oh, So Sweet Desserts!

  1. Gajar Halwa:
    What could possibly go wrong when you serve the eye-soothing “Gajar Halwa” for the desserts? It’s simple, colorful, yummy and quick!
  2. Sandesh:
    Did we mention that the Bengal’s favorite dish “Sandesh” is as sweet and easy as it looks? And the easiest of all to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings!
  3. Shrikhand:
    This Gujarati delight made with few ingredients like yogurt, cream, nuts, and fruits, is super-chilling and best for digestive tract too!

    What’s your favorite dish for quick get-together party? Do share with us!

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