Teenage Looks of Famous Bollywood Celebrities. . .

Do you ever wonder how did these super cool, classy and beautiful celebrities look when they were teenagers? Well, not all of them had the same looks and body structure which they possess today. They did a lot of hard work to enter the industry and be accepted by the audience.

At times, we all think that Bollywood celebrities’ children have this right to be beautiful and be accepted by birth. Well, let us decide on that ideology and have a look at how these famous celebrities looked in the teenage days of their life. They looked like every normal teenager or was there anything special? So, here are images of some of the famous celebrities, from the time when they were enjoying their teen aged dreams.

  1. Deepika Padukone:
    We all are a big fan of Deepika Padukone. She is signing international contracts and has earned a lot of respect in the country. As a teenager, Deepika looked like the same diva as she looks today. She has always been ruling hearts through her smile with cute dimples. Even in teenage years, she was known to be a dusky beauty queen. This amazing girl from Bangalore had made her place in the hearts of audience since the time she started smiling.
  2. Kareena Kapoor:
    Although pretty since birth, Kareena has been a chubby girl during her teenage days. Though now she looks stunning with amazing body figure and her glittery eyes.
    With pale skin and shiny eyes, the girl is known to among the classiest actress of the industry. Being born in the family of famous actors, Kareena’s fate was always decided and she did carry it well by working on her body and acting skills. The actress looked really chubby and different before entering the film industry.
  3. Karishma Kapoor:
    Just like her sister Kareena Kapoor, even Karishma had similar pale skin and glittery eyes. The only different between the two was that Karishma was much thinner than Kareena. Karishma looked like a diva since her teenage days. She was making a lot of fans by her acting skills and pretty face. Though she dropped her school at very early age, still she managed to make her name in the industry. Well, we must say Karishma literally looked classy, stylish and royal even in her teenage days.
  4. Katrina Kaif:
    How can we forget the famous diva of all times that is known to be engaged with every Khan of the industry? Katrina Kaif has been a beauty since birth with long hair, slender face, and body. She looked very pretty during her teenage days and even now she has maintained the innocence in her face and looks very beautiful.
  5. Priyanka Chopra:
    These days Priyanka Chopra is winning a lot of respect and admiration all around the world. She has become a beauty which is accepted in each and every part of the nation. But this is not how she looked before.
    Well, as it is said that we should never judge a person by their face or the way they look. But Priyanka has really changed a lot. During her teenage days she looked like normal children with dark skin, rough eyebrows and different lip structure. But look at her now, she is a Diva! She was not born pretty but she managed to make herself pretty through her work and character.

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