11 Other Sitcoms You Will Enjoy If You Loved Big Bang Theory And Friends. . .

Those of us who simply couldn’t get enough of hilarious FRIENDS and the witty comebacks of Sheldon Cooper, keep on going back to these iconic shows. However,while for us maybe nothing will match these shows, there are few other similar sitcoms that are equally laugh-riots.
Here is a list of TV shows to binge on, if you loved FRIENDS and The Big Bang Theory:

  1. How I Met Your Mother
    Ted Mosby portrays to his children the tale of how he met their mother. This whole journey and the events that made him meet their mother is a fun-filled adventure that Ted undergoes with his friends. The playboy Barney, the kindergarten teacher Lily, an aspiring environmental lawyer Marshall and the news reporter Robin are a delight to watch.
  2. New Girl

    Jess’sspread-out gang Schmidt, Winston, Cece, Nick, and Coach spend almost every minute of the day together and have invented drinking game by the name of “True American”.Jess is a school teacher who moved in with three men after breaking up with her boyfriend. New Girl is a modern take on friendship and romance and is thoroughly enjoyable.
  3. Undateable

    When you transfer “Friends” to Detroit and place a similar looking hangout place Justin’s Bar, you get a group of friends who can’t manage to get dates. This group of friends helps solve each other’s life problems over beers.
  4. The IT Crowd

    The IT Crowd’s plot revolves around geeks and hot girls. The jokes cracked here have an original feel to them. Unlike Big Bang Theory, though, the jokes here are simple. If you are looking for some funny geeky sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory, try “The IT Crowd”.
  5. Two And Half Men

    This show with its witty, dark and most entertaining humor is nothing less than iconic. The brilliant casting of Charlie Sheen who was later replaced by Ashton Kutcher only adds more to the show.
  6. Modern family

    Modern Family centers around three inter-related families and is a ‘mockumentary-styled’ TV show. With its dead-on sarcasm, witty jokes and very smart plotlines, this show has everything that a sitcom should have to get you hooked.
  7. The Guild

    The storyline is about a gang of friends who can’t get enough of World of Warcraft. It sure is very geeky but is intriguing enough. It’s hilarious to find out how things take a turn when they meet each other in real life. Obviously not very smoothly 😛
  8. Archer

    Archer is an animation series, which is about the escapades of a group of secret agents and the missions they go on.
  9. 30 Rock

    30 Rock has gone on for 7 seasons and is an award-winning comedy about the writers and actors on a fictional NBC comedy show. They brought in lots of famous guest stars and haves some great writing that requires a mention.
  10. Better Off Ted

    The series went on only for 3 seasons but deserved a lot more. The plot was about the activities of a certain department at a large organization that kept bringing and innovating new and crazy products for the marketplace.
  11. Community

    The story is about a suspended lawyer, who is forced to work at a community college. If you are on the lookout of a light and hilarious sitcom like Big Bang Theory, “Community”is that show for you.


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