10 Times Aishwarya and Abhishek Gave Us Couple Goals. . .

If you ever noticed Aishwarya and Abhishek posing for the shutterbugs, you will know how the couple looks into each other’s eyes. Isn’t that enough proof that the couple is madly in love?whoa.inWell, the couple has been married happily for almost ten years now and they are definitely a power couple of Bollywood. No wonder, their love gives us goals and they just look perfectly made for each other. Let us take a look at their decade of being happily married and oh so much in love –

  1. Abhishek has always been an encouraging husband by supporting her wife in her every achievement. missmalini.com
  2. That’s how they pose every time to the shutterbugs, looking into each other’s eyes. hindustantimes.com
  3. From one of the cutest moments between the couple. desimartini.com
  4. They are always together and supportive of each other. That’s what make them the power couple. popdiaries.com
  5. They are romantic, cheesy and always look adorable. guiltybytes.com
  6. Here comes their patent pose again. indianewz.com
  7. Okay, again! Can they just stop being so adorable? ibtimes.co.in
  8. Looks like they can give couple goals on and off camera. vogue.in
  9. That’s how they roll! ibtimes.co.in
  10. Can’t believe it has been a decade that they are married? They are one happy family! masala.com

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