10 Recent Tweets By Virendra Sehwag To Show That He Owns Twitter. . .

There is no stopping to Virendra Sehwag when it comes to tweeting or trolling. He is practically the king of Twitter and people love responding to his funny tweets with memes and gifs. Quite an internet sensation, Veeru is now known for his trolling skills. An ace cricketer, Sehwag is loved by all people for his sense of humor and his recent tweets are the biggest example of that. We picked ten best tweets by Virendra Sehwag to show that he is undeniably the kind of social media –

  1. His hilarious birthday wish to Sonu Nigam.     1scoopwhoop.com
  2. Yet again a birthday wish!

  3. His funny take on fielding.
  4. Look at how innovative he was in wishing Shoaib Akhtar.
  5. He wished Ashish Nehra to get well soon in style.
  6. He didn’t spare Jacob Oram as well.
  7. Well, he drew strange connection between Michael Phelps and Bappi da!


  8. He congratulated Ashwin and seemed to express his brotherhood.
  9. His humor at birthday wishes never seem to end.
  10. He got us a good laugh with this one.10abplive.in

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