7 Things People Who Hate Partying Will Relate To. . .

Partying is not everyone’s scene. Here are few things that people who hate partying will relate to.

Partying doesn’t guarantee a good time. Swaying to loud music and talking to strangers is not always liked by everyone. Even if it is a small party, some people try to avoid it. No, they are not boring. They just don’t prefer going to a party. They would rather do something else. Here are few things people who hate partying will relate to:

  1. You have to mentally prepare yourself before going to a party
    You have been preparing yourself mentally since last few days. You sort of imagine the scenarios in your head and play them out. Even if you are going with your friends, you are sure it is going to be a difficult night.
  2. You are often called a loner or boring
    You have your own circle of friends with whom you would rather spend a quiet night out or go to cinemas or dine out. However you are often called boring. You are not boring; you just have different ideas of having fun.
  3. Weekends are for relaxing
    After a hard week at work, you would rather spend some time relaxing rather than go to a party and tire yourself out. Parties are definitely a hard work. You prefer coming home early and going to bed.
  4. You are known for cancelling at last moment
    You tend to cancel the party plans at last moment or you just don’t show up. All of a sudden you have to go to an aunt’s place for dinner. Your friends somehow were expecting this.
  5. You hate the dressing up part
    It is just too much effort. You would rather wear your comfort clothes. Like your pajamas. Why take all the effort and dress up in party clothes plus make your hair and stuff when you can effortlessly get into your pajamas. And then curl up in the bed.
  6. You hate the sight of too many people
    Party means too many people. All of them moving a lot, dancing like there is no tomorrow and not to mention most of them drunk. Basically it’s a bad chaos. Just about half an hour later, you feel the need to get out of there.
  7. You start doubting your socializing skills
    You have got so many comments about how boring you are, about how you should get out and enjoy more, about how you should have fun that you start wondering whether you are normal or not. You start doubting your socializing skills. However, a quite peaceful night is what you prefer and it is completely okay.

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