7 Things People Who Love Ghar Ka Khana Will Relate To. . .

No matter how much tasty outside food may seem,ghar ka khana will always be one step further.

Ask anyone, what is the best food they ever had? 90% of the people will reply “mummy ke hath ka… “ and most of us will nod in agreement. There is actually nothing healthier and be tter than something cooked by moms with loads of love. No matter how many times we crave for some outside food, we always come back to home-made food. And nothing is more satisfying than that. Here are few things people who love ghar ka khana will relate to:

  1. Where ever you go, you try and take dabba
    Well, afterall that’s way healthier. Whenever you will be out for a day, you will take a dabba with you. Why hog outside when you have your dabba with you?
  2. Nothing is as satisfying as garma-garam food prepared by mom
    No matter how much we complain about the amount of ghee moms use, coming back home to freshly prepared steaming hot food is physically and mentally satisfying. Nothing can compare to that.
  3. Waking up to delicious smell of cooking is heaven-like
    The mornings when you wake up to sheer amazing smell of cooking are just pure heaven-like. These smells just make your stomach growl with hunger and you for sure wake up with a smile.
  4. You can’t help but make little trips to kitchen when mom is cooking
    Wandering around in the kitchen and helping yourselves to little pieces of whatever mom is cooking is something you can’t resist. And if she is cooking your favorite item, you will be continuously checking its progress.
  5. And fridge is something you love the most
    Well, why not? It is completely stored with everything you love. Whether you are free, going out somewhere or just coming home, fridge is the first thing you go to. And your mom will surely be making sure that she keeps one or two dishes in the fridge for you to fulfill those hunger pangs.
  6. Ghar ka Khana is more like comfort food
    Those days when you are not keeping well, are upset about something, had a long day or feeling low, homemade food just cheers you up. Mom’s smile and her food both work miracles.
  7. Sometimes even simple khichdi tastes yummier than everything else
    This holds true especially when you are sick. Khichdi or dal-chawal works better than any other medicine. And when mom says that she made this especially for you, the food tastes even better!

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