9 Things People Who Have Unique Name Will Relate To. . .

“What’s in a name?” doesn’t hold true; people who have unique name will definitely support that

There are times when you wished you had a common name. The struggle that a unique name brings is quite often laughed upon and called silly. It is rightly said that having a unique name is a luxury that comes with a price. Here are few things that only those people who have unique name will relate to:

  1. You get used to people pronouncing your name wrong
    People mispronouncing your name no longer irritate you. You actually see it coming and are prepared to teach them how to say it correctly. However sometimes you don’t even feel like doing that and just let it be.
  2. You automatically spell out your name
    Sometimes when you are asked to give your name, you automatically spell it out because you just know you will have to do it later on. So why not save time and efforts and just do it then?
  3. Getting asked the meaning of your name
    You are repeatedly asked what meaning your name carries. Because your name is so unique and so unheard of, people just have to know what the meaning of your name is.
  4. You can’t believe your eyes when you find someone else with the same name
    Well, how can it be! You are not used to sharing your name and it is just yours. Even if it comes with a price, you are ready to pay for it.
  5. You don’t get souvenirs easily
    Be it key chains or any other souvenirs that others readily get, you don’t get that. Never. You have to go through the pain of getting those souvenirs customized. Again, you are used to it now.
  6. Misspelled name on mails and everything else doesn’t bother you anymore
    Name on your mails is most often misspelled. Tickets, boarding passes, bills.. the list is endless. Heck, some people often misspell your name on Facebook and other social media platform. It has since long stopped bothering you.
  7. People easily forget your name
    Even if you have met the person quite a few times, and each time you have made efforts to correct them, they forget your name. Yet again. And it doesn’t even matter anymore.
  8. You feel like jumping with joy when someone gets your name correct on first go
    You feel like kissing the person there and there. It just doesn’t happen and when it does, you feel like you are on cloud 9.
  9. You can create the usernames very easily
    Well, in this technology driven world, it is a boon. You don’t have to sit for hours trying to come up with a username that has not been taken.

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