7 Effortlessly Cool Outfit Ideas For Every Type Of Concert. . .

Do you know what the one of the best things about summer is? Live music! And wondering what to wear to concerts is a valid concern for music lovers. Sure, we all Dream to raid the merch booth as soon as you step into the music hall.Whether we’re headed to an outdoor show, a weekend-long festival or to see your favorite musician during a big international tour; we all want to look like a fan, not a fanatic while still remaining comfortable and practical but that doesn’t mean we can’t dress the part. After all, when it comes to concert-going, a genre-friendly look is as important as the music (well not to all but most of us). We all want to wear something in which we are able to dance without being uncomfortable.With that in mind, here are flaunting summer concert outfit ideas that would be perfect for the occasion.

  1. A breezy Of the Shoulder top, black skinnies and flats are a fail-proof choice for summer outdoor concerts regardless of the genre. pinterest.com
  2. A simple crop top paired with ripped skinny jeans and ankle booties is an ultimate fan girl outfit. pinterest.com
  3. Boho look is serious inspiration for any summer concert. Pick a printed, bell sleeve top and pair it with a simple pair of shorts. Let your top be the Centre of attention. pinterest.com
  4. Pretty much everything in your closet becomes concert friendly like this oversized white shirt tied at the waist!—and your favorite pair of jeans and cute flat sandals. pinterest.com
  5. Nothing looks more cool, casual and classicthan a leather-like jacket, slouchy white tee, and tightgrey jeans for a rock concert without trying hard. thepeakoftreschic.com
  6. Be itone of your favorite bands revival tour or a pop concert, you’ll need to be wearing something good to go but totally sexy. This is your opportunity to bring out the best chic look. Wear high-rise jeans a loose shirt and you’re good to go. pinterest.com
  7. Give a subtle nod to genre without looking too costumey, add hat and cowboy boots to your dress to live up to the country music outfit mark. pinterest.com

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