12 Things Nobody Tells You About Being An Adult. . .

As you grow up and go out in the real world, you will slowly learn that things are not really as they were anticipated to be. Life is not really a fairy-tale as you thought it would be when you were young. Of course, life is amazing but not everything is rosy. Here are a few things nobody will tell you about being an adult:

  1. Sometimes only you can help yourself
    We were always much protected in our childhood. But as you grow up you realize that sometimes no one can help you. Not even your parents. You have to fight your own battle.
  2. Time and money are everything
    Time is invaluable. Money buys everything. Time and money are inter-related. Sure, people say money doesn’t buy happiness but material things do matter.
  3. Don’t indulge at midnight
    Candies and that extra pizza are harmful. That extra indulgence at well after midnight and popping those candies every now and then will come and haunt you five years down the line.
  4. Nothing is as overrated as drinking
    It is not at all cool. Hangouts will become less frequent and that gives you every reason to have that extra glass. Try to remain as controlled as possible.
  5. The world doesn’t revolve around you
    Your parents gave you more than necessary attention; you were pampered. But as you grow up you realize the world definitely doesn’t revolve around you. People really won’t care about what you do and won’t do.
  6. It sure gets harder to keep up with the younger generation
    There will always remain a generation gap. You, of course, are young but you won’t be able to keep up with everything the younger generation are involved in.
  7. You won’t always know what you want and don’t want
    Being older and wiser doesn’t mean you will always know what you want. You will still be confused in taking some decisions and maybe that’s totally okay.
  8. Keeping that friendship intact is not easy
    That effortless friendship is not so effortless after all. It takes time and efforts to maintain that. You will lose touch with your friends and maybe you won’t meet them for years.
  9. Patience is the key
    Rushing towards achieving goals won’t take you anywhere. Slowing down is the key. Relationships, career, and money come with time. Basically, patience is the key.
  10. There are people who will dislike you
    There will be people who dislike you or hate you. There will be people who will try to bring you down. No need to please everyone. Being you helps. Not caring helps1
  11. Your interests will change
    Your interests will keep on changing. Follow them and keep on introspecting yourself. Try new things; meet new people.
  12. Time will get monotonous
    You will fall into a routine and it will become very monotonous. However, take out time for yourself and take a holiday every now and then. You will obviously get tired and you will feel nothing is more important than sleep. This is when taking a break becomes very necessary.

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