6 Movies You Will Enjoy More When Watched With Your Room-Mate. . .

Room-mates are your family. Whether you hate their habits or not, you accept them as they are.

Tolerating a bad room-mate with all their bad, sloppy habits is definitely not easy. But eventually you accept each-other. Gradually, they become your family. You stay up late together, you stand up for each-other, you are there when the other is sick and take care of them and thus become an integral part of each-other’s lives. Here are some of the movies are even more fun when watched with your room-mate:

  1. You, Me and Dupree
    Most of the people will relate to this one. The movie is about two room-mates who get along with each-other very well and cannot imagine not living without each-other. However, one fine day a new room-mate squeezes in and that too without invitation. This one would definitely make a good weekend watch.
  2. The Roommate
    This is a psychological thriller/drama movie where Sara and Rebecca start off as room-mates and slowly become great friends. However gradually things start becoming worse when Rebecca becomes obsessed with Sara and starts targeting people in her life. Watching this movie on a late night would be quite an experience.
  3. Dostana
    Staring John Abhram, Priyanka Chopra and Abhishek Bachchan, Dostana is a rom-com wherein two men pretend to be a gay couple. This is done so that they can secure an apartment. Both fall in love with their room-mate and try to win her but later on realize that she loves someone else. The question now rises which one is more crucial: Friendship or love?
  4. Knocked Up
    A very hilarious movie where a casual one-night stand brought unwanted consequences and brought two people who make an odd couple together is surely a refreshing watch. The movie takes you on a journey of the two totally mismatched people who are stuck together in an accidental pregnancy and decide to stay together for the sake of their baby.
  5. Single White Female
    This is an erotic psychological thriller wherein Allison, after her breakup starts searching for a new room-mate. She finds every applicant to be weird except for Hedra who seems to be level-headed. However, Allison soon finds out that she is not exactly what she claims to be and has such a past that can change her very life. This gripping movie would be fun to watch on a late weekend night.
  6. Pyar Ka Punchnama
    A story about three room-mates whose lives change completely after falling in love is a rom-com that is enjoyable every single time you watch it. Watch the movie with loads of popcorn and soft-drinks on a night when you have nothing better to do and turn the boring night into a fun-filled one. You can even watch both the parts of this one back-to-back to make it even more enjoyable.

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