7 Hairstyle Hacks Which Will Convert You Into A Pro. . .

Getting ready for a party and trying to manage a good hairstyle sometimes gets really tricky. You can mess up things to altogether at a different level. Not getting the perfect puff or the hair straighter breaks downs. And people like us don’t even have personal stylists on whom we can rely. But now the secrets to perfect hair styling are unveiled below. Get ready to flaunt yourself proudly.

  1. Drying hair at home
    Out of ten, eight times, it happens that the dry blow doesn’t work perfectly. There are few places where the hair doesn’t want to give and in turn, messes up the look. The best way to do it is to divide your hair into three to four parts and then dry them separately.
  2. Managing your curls
    Use a volumizer shampoo and conditioner and then rinse your hair properly. Then wrap your hair in a towel for around 5 mins. After removing the towel apply some glossing cream and then blow dry them. This method will help your curls stay at their place shining.
  3. Silk for your silky hair
    People who have dyed hair or are undergoing any hair treatment they should sleep on a silk covered pillow or tie their hair with a silk cloth while sleeping. Textured hair is prone to damages like split ends or breakage.
  4. Curl hair without heat
    After taking a bath divide your hair into two parts and put some styling cream. Then tightly braid them and leave them for the entire night or the whole day. When you open them you will find gorgeous wavy hair.
  5. Switch to meat brushes
    Using plastic brushes on dry hair causes hair breakage as they create friction. Using a metal brush will help you solve this problem.
  6. Get voluminous hair overnight
    Wash you hair at night and also add some volumizing gel. Then tie your hair in a bun and blow dry them. Then next day when you wake you and open your bun, you will witness a mesmerizing site.
  7. Curls in two minutes
    If you are short of time then divide your hair into 6 parts and braid them. Then iron each braid and you will get perfect curls for your occasion.

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