These Ways Will Make You Fall Asleep In 10 Minutes. . .

Sleeping these days feels like a luxury which is not easy to afford. And it is too amidst so many tensions and workload sometimes 24 hours too feels less. Either the green light of Whatsapp will ping you or your boss’s ritual call will. Well, all this is a part of our lives but the body which keeps us going whole days needs care too. Here we share with you golden rules of good sleep.

  1. Try sleeping for 15 minutes
    If you are not able to sleep then try hard for the fifteen minutes and even after that too if you are not able to catch some sleep then wait. Don’t touch your phone or laptop instead take out a book and read or take a walk. Rather than spending the whole night turning sides sleep 5 hours peacefully.
  2. Personal sleeping rule
    Develop a sleeping pattern and follow that for few days after some days you will realize that your body will start following the pattern and then you will start feeling sleepy at the same time.
  3. Maintain a comfortable temperature
    Sleep in a room that has a moderate temperature. See to it that there are windows which help in proper ventilation and add brownie points by keeping some essential oils or scented candles.
  4. Avoid taking a bath
    It is a myth that taking a bath before going to sleep helps in acquiring a good sleep. But after taking a bath your body temperature rises and sleep runs aways a mile from you.
  5. Maintain a pin drop silence
    Maintaining a peaceful environment where you sleep helps you sleep well. Don’t listen to loud music and keep your electronic devices away from you.
  6. Eat light before eating
    If you eat heavy before then it results into wake ups throughout the night.
  7. Warm your body
    After you wake up, take a hot shower this will help your body come at ease and act as a power booster for the day ahead.

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