5 Moments From Queen From Which Every Indian Woman Should Learn. . .

Kangana Ranaut’s character Rani has stirred something in all Indian women

Kangana Ranaut’s Queen was one of the most successful films of 2014. A movie that uncovers a journey of a woman who “finds herself” after going on her Honeymoon alone threw a new light on feminism and how contrary to common belief, a woman can handle herself very well in an unknown place. The story was surely something that every woman would relate to in some way or the other. Here are few moments from the movie that on watching every woman would have nodded her head in agreement and picked few lessons:

  1. That the happiness bubble can burst anytime
    Rani is getting married to a man she has been in relationship with quite for some time. Just a day before wedding, the guy breaks-off the marriage and shatters all her dreams. This is nothing new in today’s world. Life is uncertain and can take a turn for better or worse any time. Especially when you least expect it.
  2. That the decision taken on an impulse may turn out to be the best one ever
    Rani decides on an impulse that she wants to go on her honeymoon. Alone. Her family was taken aback and was worried how she will cope up in an unknown foreign land. However it turns out to be the best decision and that trip changed her for the better. The transformation that trip brought could be seen clearly in the last scene when she meets her parents and Vijay’s mother after returning home.
  3. That you can find happiness in what seems like a tragedy
    Just like any other girl, Rani was looking forward to getting married to a guy she thought was her soul-mate and the best guy she had ever met. Afterall he had pursued her and had promised her all the happiness in the world. However she sees light in darkness once she sets off on her honeymoon alone and meets all the amazing people over there. She starts realizing that whatever happened to her was the best thing that happened.
  4. That it is important to be independent and free
    Few days into her vacation, Rani soon realizes how good it feels to be free and independent. She was not answerable to Vijay anymore and being out of her comfort zone was infact more comforting. First time in her life, she made friends with few guys and she was comfortable with that. Indian women are supposed to be answerable to their husbands, brothers and fathers. The movie showed a new perspective to that reality.
  5. That your friends play a crucial role in shaping you
    Rani meets a very carefree Vijyalakshmi in Paris who becomes her close friend and plays an important role in getting her out of her shell, making her confident and stronger. Later on in Amsterdam, Rani meets three guys who are her room-mates and they become rather good friends. Whatever stage you are at in your life, your friends are important and play a rather crucial role in shaping you.

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