7 Annoying Things That Every Boy-Friend Does. . .

No matter how great he is, every boy-friend possesses these annoying habits

There is no doubt that when it comes to pampering, boy-friends can go to any lengths. However just as everything has pros and cons, even boy-friends come with some annoying habits that would test your patience and sometimes even want to stab them with a knife. However it’s also these habits that make them very adorable. Here are few annoying things that almost all boy-friends do:

  1. Forgetting important dates
    This is not at all surprising. Almost every guy has trouble remembering dates. Afterall there are so many dates to be remembered like “First meeting”, “First kiss”, “The Day she said yes”, “The Day they had their first fight” and so on. But he would surely remember few important dates if not all. However, he would definitely try and make up for that. He would not fail to express his love.
  2. Making puppy face whenever he is wrong
    That cute puppy face he makes whenever he is wrong or at fault or has done something he shouldn’t have done just makes you forget his faults. That face would just bring a smile on your face and would want to go hug him tight.
  3. Dozes off in middle of a conversation
    How many times has it happened that you are having a good conversation, you look up and find him fast asleep. Or you are having a telephonic conversation and after few minutes there is no response from the other end. It may piss you off a little before realizing that he had a rough day and needed to sleep.
  4. Not able to take a decision
    You decide to go out for dinner today and you guys are not able to make a decision. Simply because, he doesn’t agree with the choices you come up with and he is not able to come up with his own. He is just picky. And when this happens a lot, all you want to do is give him a hard kick so that he would just pick one choice and get going with it.
  5. Not listening to everything you say
    This is something that almost all girlfriends complain about. You are probably all excited about your day and want to share every little detail with your boy-friend but he gets zoned out in middle. He probably is thinking about the cricket match that took place. However when confronted he would say he would deny it and give you that puppy face.
  6. Making jokes in middle of a serious argument
    You are having a very serious argument when he cracks a silly joke that is not even funny. Yet it makes you smile and makes you forget all about the argument.
  7. Keeping constant check on your activities
    He is the possessive one. He keeps a constant check on where you are going, with whom you are going, whom you are talking to and stuff. He doesn’t need to do that; you can take care of yourself. Yet you can’t help but smile at the fact that he considers it his duty to keep a check on you.

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