Coolest Beauty Inventions You Never Knew that Existed. . .

The majority of girls and boys consistently try out top quality of beauty products, such as creams, foundations, powders, deodorants, perfumes and various others available in the market. However, most of them do not know about innovative beauty products, which continue to exist in the industry but are available hardly in the market.

Hence, with the help of this article, we want to highlight about coolest beauty inventions, which you never knew that they still exist in the market.

  1. Mascara Seal
    Girls may use the mascara seal on lashes to create any waterproof mascara and thereby, to allow the consistent usage of their favorite formula or to apply on eyebrows in setting them at the right place.
  2. Latex Barrier
    Latex barrier is helpful in protecting of one’s skin from polish at the time of manicure process.
  3. Pre-Shampoo Oil
    Girls and boys with dry hair or hair prone towards damages may apply pre-shampoo oil. This not only protects, but also restores one’s looks. In this way, you may perceive it as a perfect product to apply before you take shower, tan or swim and thereby, resist any kind of harsh effect on your hair.
  4. Facial Mists
    Facial mists usually appear as glorified waters but they have varieties of applications. One can use this beauty inventive product to create eye shadows, which would appear bright and may refresh the skin during the whole day. In addition, one can go for multi-tasking with the product by using it as complexion and add some SPF.
  5. Compressed Towels Jar
    Most of the beauty freaks are not aware of a little jar containing six to eight compressed towels, which decompress by using water at the individuals’ convenience.
  6. Mini Beauty Spatula
    Mini beauty spatulas fit perfectly within small size bottles containing varieties of beauty products. These small size spatulas not only allow individuals to get best possible use of products, but also help in saving big amount of money.
  7. Facial Firming Décolleté Creams
    We know that the human skin nearby the chest and over the neck is sensitive and requires more attention to keep it firm and hydrated. To fulfill this requirement, one should definitely go with facial firming décolleté creams.
  8. Aftershave in Spray Form
    Razor burn and ingrown hair are never good for your body. Hence, in this situation, one should go with aftershave product in spray form, as it easily covers large areas, such as hands and legs to make sure that such body parts remain free from any type of irritation.
  9. Fan Brushes
    Fan brushes usually come within brush kit but they are those products, which are usually left out to use. However, you will find varieties of applications, because of which one can consider it as an odd brush. Especially, you may use fan brushes for application of highlighter, sweeping away the fallout and application of mascara.

Therefore, by gaining knowledge about aforementioned coolest beauty inventions continuing to exist in the beauty and cosmetic industry, you will be able to enhance your beauty for a longtime.

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